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Meet the Guys and Girls of Cycle 20 – Part 2

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With that, Tyra calls the first name that she's going to call: Alexandra. Food truck Mike is called next, followed by Renee, Cory, Jourdan, Don, Jiana, Christopher S., Chlea, Jeremy, Nina, Phil, Bianca, Chris H., and Kanani. There is only one named left to be called, and it's between Adam, Delten, and Marvin. And of course it's Marvin! He's just so… pliable. Marvin vows not to be called last again, and says that the pressure he puts on himself is equivalent to the sacrifice his dad made for him to be on this show. His dad is now probably the one who walks into a different apartment building so people don't realize his son is on a CW reality show.

Oh, and then. Raindrops keep falling on Delten's head as he tears up and tells us he doesn't know what he's doing after this. He needs a j-o-b job. Adam is also sad, and says he's going to take this situation and make the best of it. We'll see him all over the place, he says. We won't be able to miss him. Well, we definitely won't be able to miss the long, lingering shot of him putting his face up to the skies and bawling.

With the losers out of the way, Tyra congratulates the top sixteen. She says that they embody the dream that she had when she founded this show ten years ago and her agent told her it was a stupid idea because models are vapid and insensitive. Note to Tyra: he meant YOU. In any case, Tyra announces that the top sixteen are now going to star in an amazing Guess fashion show. The runway ends where they're standing. And it begins… at the top of a giant tower just adjacent to the runway. They have to walk down the building like Spiderman! And the previews tease us that someone might plummet to his or her death. Best season ever!?!?

Next week: Hahahaha, it's raining, too!

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