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Another Day In Paradise

The models meet the homeless youth, who look nothing like anyone I've seen under a bridge in my hometown. Anya thinks that these young women are inspirational to other women, just like America's Next Top Model is inspirational to women. I know it! For a while I was really inspired by the fact that a woman is running for president, but that accomplishment really paled compared to the fine application of a smoky eye. As the girls go through their styling for the shoot, we learn that homeless people favor glittery shadow.

Atalya is up first, looking like Judy Garland in the "We're a Couple of Swells" number. It's this sort of gritty realism that has become Top Model's hallmark. They don't shy away from the issues. Beneath that bowler hat and suit jacket is a hoodie and a flannel shirt. That's life on the street. Sarah McColgan is the photographer for the day. Maybe she's homeless too? Atalya is less than fabulous, though homeless Isis is rocking it down on a dirty mattress. Allison is next, wearing the homeless favorite chunky cable knit sweater along with ripped-up tights and a ski hat. Allison has some Pilates training, which means her posing is less modelesque and more "early man." Well, early man was homeless too, so maybe she's really embodying the spirit of this whole thing.

Fatima is next. While she poses, she remembers how embarrassing it was when kids made fun of her for living at a shelter. Sad music plays. She gets very emotional by the end of the shoot, which Jay thinks will make for a powerful picture. Backstage, Marvita tells Fatima that she knows Fatima's trying to sabotage her, and is keeping an eye out. Fatima says that people have stepped over her all her life, so when she met the other girls she felt like she had to put up a hard fa├žade. Marvita has been through therapy, so she knows that Fatima needs to stop putting up a guard. She tells her to try being nice for a change. Fatima's not so sure. She says it's hard, and Marvita's all, "It ain't hard, girl." Marvita tells Fatima that she knows what it's like to want to be on guard. She's been molested and raped. Fatima is touched to hear Marvita's story, and to see how strong she is. Fatima sincerely apologizes to Marvita, and Marvita thinks that their problems are, for the most part, patched over. Oh, boo! ["Well, yeah, but if they're allies now, then there's a good chance they'll gang up on somebody before too long. And that will be pretty good." -- Miss Alli]

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