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Another Day In Paradise

Dominique is next, looking a lot more butch than the other girls. Jay says that she's going for gold. And then there's Stacy-Ann, 22, from Miami, who really can't imagine what it would be like to be homeless. Nonetheless, she rocks the red plaid headwrap. If you gave her a bottle in a paper bag to drink out of, her photos would be art. Claire, 24, from New York is next, and is happy to be raising awareness about homelessness, and particularly about the segment of homeless people who wear beaver fur Russian hats. Whitney, 20, from Atlantic Beach, Florida, says that she's dressed in nothing that she would intentionally wear. But she understands the greater meaning. If she tried being homeless for a while, maybe she wouldn't have to live in the plus-sized ghetto. Then there's Amis. She is wearing a kicky scarf, as the homeless often do, along with rubber boots. It's like a Phil Collins video come to life! That is to say, she sucks.

As Katarzyna gets made up, Stacy-Ann tells her that she wouldn't be homeless for long. Ha! She's like Fancy. God, do I ever want to sing karaoke right now. She poses, and we don't see much of it. And then Anya, who sports a cable knit beret, is surprisingly one of the best girls of the day according to Mr. Jay. Then there's Kimberly. She's taking risks with her body language, says Jay, but her face hasn't changed once. Kimberly says that she doesn't want to smile, because she's trying to look homeless. And those homeless people are a dour bunch. Jay asks for intensity, but Kimberly gives him blankness. Lauren tries to use her awkwardness to her advantage. Jay says that in the whole world of modeling, Lauren feels like a fish out of water. Then there's Aimee, who wears leg warmers on her arms. Homeless people have to be creative! She has particularly garish makeup. She thinks she did okay, but hopes that at the very least someone did worse than her. Then we have Marvita. The shoot is hitting home(less) for her, which translates to Jay as her falling asleep. However, she pulls it together, and he thinks that she pulled from her life experiences and it read on film. And with that, the models head back home in their limo as the homeless girls are forced to walk back to their cardboard boxes. You know Tyra dropped, like, a Canadian nickel into their cup then beat them with a cane on the way back to her manse.

Tyra Mail! "Tomorrow you will have your first meeting with the judges." The girls jump up and down excitedly. At breakfast, Atalya asks Claire if she's nervous. Claire says she isn't; however, she is excited and worried. kind of the definition of nervous, no? Claire asks Atalya if she's afraid. Atalya's not sure. She interviews that she doesn't want to go home, because being on the show is teaching her all about independence. Meanwhile, Kimberly tells Fatima that she loves modeling and photo shoots and being on the runway, but she's not into high fashion. Kimberly, inspired by the awareness of important causes featured in the Top Model house, wants to take a stand against expensive clothes. Fatima looks at her like she is one crazy bitch. Which, she is. I mean, she's a bank teller, so it's probably in her best interest not to spend $2,000 on a dress. But if someone is putting you in that dress for free for a short amount of time, I don't totally see a reason to get all worked up about it. In short: Kimberly is an idiot.

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