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Brenda and her old bones are up next. Ann says she doesn't see a lot of energy in the photo, and would expect something with more oomph and pow. She says she knows that Brenda can bring that, which I think is a lie. Nigel tells Brenda that the shot feels too contrived -- like Ann Taylor doing "student." He notes that Brenda looks best when she doesn't look at the camera -- she can perform better when she's looking away, because she's still a bit scared of the camera. Since she's looking away in this photo, I don't know if this means that the photo is good, or that overall her photos suck, or what. But either way she has to be able to convincingly look into the camera directly. Alasia is next. Ann Shoket says there's not a lot of "there" there. Alasia tells the panel that this is one of her weaker photo shoots, because she didn't put any thought or emotion behind her character. Nigel says that if you don't think of anything, there's nothing going on, and it's not alluring. Tyra tells Alasia that her strength is dancing and movement. It is? I know she did that one great interpretive dance photo, but I never got the sense that she was an actual dancer. ALT tells Alasia that she's evolved in her own personal style and confidence, but this photo doesn't show it. In Week One he wanted her in her salon. But he wouldn't even invite the girl in the current photo to his house.

Anslee is next. Nigel likes her artist-y smirk, and says he sees a real sense of intelligence in her shot. Ann says she looks like she knows something fantastic, and everyone wants to find out what it is. "What more could you ask for?" Ann asks. I don't know, a cupcake, maybe? Then there's Alexandra. Who? Exactly. Tyra loves the energy of Alexandra's photo, and Nigel thinks it's her best shot to date. She's very present in the photo. Ann adds that she'd book Alasia in a heartbeat for a beauty story. Finally we have Angelea, who played, according to her own description, "A meat-packing fashionista." I should say she's packing some meat. Boy, is she going to get along with Benny Ninja. Nigel says this is the best photo he's seen of Angelea, and ALT agrees. They toss out superlatives - dynamite, magnificent, alluring, fascinating! ALT says that the confidence has come over her, and then adds, "And I hear that you are very, very wonderful in your personal life." The other girls shoot each other some looks in the background. ALT loves it and exclaims, "They done hated on you, Miss Thing!" Angelea knows she has haters, but can only be her. ALT notes that she always gives realness. Nigel tells the other girls to watch out, because Angelea's shot is great.

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