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A House Divided

The judges deliberate. Raina's shot is great, but she doesn't step out of her safety zone. ALT wants to see more. Krista is dynamic, according to ALT, who sees freshness in her photo. Ann loves her confidence and her smile. Jessica looks like she's in a group photo with a bunch of friends. Nigel thinks that Jessica thinks she knows it all, and the judges do not like how combative and argumentative she was about her shoes. ALT says he's always thought she's had fake confidence. She falls flat to him. Nigel thinks that Brenda's big issue is that she has almost no ability to look at the camera and have chemistry. Her shot is good, but it's not magic. Even Ann doesn't see a spark in Brenda. ALT adds, "No fire, no desire." ALT has cauldrons of love for Alasia, but this is his least favorite photo of his saloniste. Nigel thinks that Alasia is a diamond in the rough, but she has to realize it. Tyra knows that Alasia wants this, but isn't sure if she can get it fast enough when the other girls are hot on her heels. Anslee's photo is good, but she's not selling Cover Girl, according to ALT. Tyra, however, likes her sinister smile. Alexandra looks lovely in her picture, and Ann thinks her face will sell makeup. Angelea's photo is not only the best of the bunch today, but one of the best of the entire competition. ALT says he feels Cover Girl, he feels glamour, and he feels humanity! On that triumphant note, the judges have reached a decision.

There are eight girls, and seven photos. You know the drill. The girl who is called first, and has the best photo of the week, is Angelea. The runner-up for best photo is Krista. Tyra next calls Raina, Alexandra, and Anslee. Jessica is called next, and Tyra gives her a lecture. She says that Jessica was called so late because the judges are less than impressed about how she handled herself in judging. She went from a very sweet, apple-pie girl to someone who was very combative. It was not attractive to them, and they hate her now. She's had a little stank in her from the beginning, but maybe they were distracted by her pep and vigor.

Alasia and Brenda are in the bottom two. Alasia might punch a bitch one day. Brenda will only whine and simper. Alasia is staying. Raina and Jessica are very sad about this, but Angelea is smug and satisfied. Alasia goes to church for a minute as she is filled with the holy spirit, bawls, and moves her hand around in an impassioned manner. Tyra tells Brenda to build a portfolio with her terrible, stunning look. She adds that Brenda needs to have fire when she heads to go-sees, so she stands out. Good luck with that.

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