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A House Divided

Back at the house, Jessica sasses her way down the living room runway. She tells us she got best picture of the week again, which is a very cool feeling. Jessica sasses her way down the runway again, which really does seem kind of annoying. Angelea tells us, "Them bitches thought they was slick." To make it worse, Jessica thinks that she can do no wrong, apparently. This totally means that she will do wrong this episode, and get a smack-down from Tyra. In the kitchen, Angelea asks Raina and Brenda how it feels to be in the bottom. Well, that seems a little gratuitous. She gets no response and continues, "It don't feel good, do it?" They ignore her and, with a look on her face like she's smelling dookie of the damned, she says, "Yeah, y'all can ignore me with all that false confidence." Brenda confessionalizes that she's above Angelea, and Angelea's below her. It's Real Housewives of New York Kelly versus Bethenny all over again! What is it with catty bitches and their ranking systems? Brenda will be damned if she lets somebody like Angelea beat her in this competition. Well, then Brenda will be damned. Angelea, meanwhile, is pleased. She confessionalizes that it's fun to instigate catfights. All she has to do is say one word, and the catfightery begins. She plans to enjoy every minute of it.

Brenda folds her clothes and says to Raina that she'd rather be struggling in her photos and learning something new every week instead of "being known for the bitch." I don't know. I'd rather be known for the bitch, I think. Learning new things is for suckers. Raina says that something is going on in Angelea's life, or something has happened to her to make her so angry. Well, yeah, she's from Buffalo. Do we need to know more? Brenda replies that Angelea is just a bitch. She feels sorry for Angelea, but knows that her time will come, because everybody's been on the bottom. Meanwhile, Angelea is standing right outside of Brenda's closet as she says this. Raina might have said something about that while Brenda was bending over and blindly reorganizing. Angelea says she doesn't have to explain herself to anybody. AND she wasn't yelling at anyone, she was just being real. Raina and Brenda sarcastically thank Angelea for her realness. They have big smiles when they do it, and I think such a white girl maneuver throws Angelea off her game a bit. She turns to Raina and says, "You're very welcome. That's what I do best. Thank you. And Raina, that little false confidence you've been having -- 'Oh yes, I'm at the top, I'm at the top, I can do know wrong' - ahuuggggh. Pftt. Bitch, you did wrong. Stupid-ass bitch." Not exactly known for her subtlety, that one, but she does launch into a verbal attack with aplomb. Raina interviews that she'd like to have a relationship with all the girls in the house, but it's not in the cards with Angelea.

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