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A House Divided

Later, Raina tells her roommates that Angelea thrives off of anger and fighting with people. Her roommates are apparently Jessica, Brenda and Alasia. Huh. So, really, Raina is talking to Jessica and Brenda, while Alaisa tries to write a letter or something. Alasia interviews that, being roommates with these girls, she has a wall in front of her at all times when she's with them. They're over there, and she's over here, she says, and as long as they don't step on her territory it's okay. Jessica kind of nods in the direction of Alasia and says to the others, "You know, I don't get along with so-and-so, but..." Brenda and Raina cackle, and Alasia says, "Y'all do realize I'm sitting in this room right now, right?" And really, that was maybe one of the stankest things that has happened yet, even in a house where people nearly come to fisticuffs about the proper refrigeration techniques for frozen vegetables. It's also sadly unsurprising how things are drawn along racial lines. I think Anslee is just tossed in with the "real girls" because she hates Brenda more than she hates the rest of them. Anyway, back in the bedroom, Jessica replies to Alasia with a giggle, "You said you didn't want to talk to us." Alasia points out that it's three against one right now, and Raina totally ignores her and then starts talking over her. And I know Alasia can be a nightmare, but at this moment she's just remaining calm and pointing out the facts in a way that is direct but not particularly confrontational. She interviews that she's not going to take to heart anything that the other girls say. She has to remember that this is a competition, and is going to keep her cool and be chill. We'll see how long that lasts. The scene ends with Alasia calmly saying, "Y'all just think y'all so fucking cooooooool."

Tyra Mail! "when u walk in, u might have a fit. Luv, Tyra." Raina predicts that it's going to be either runway or go-sees. The next day, the girls get ready to head out on their adventure. Alasia steps into the shower and Raina, who is straightening her hair, tells her that she has about seven or eight minutes before they have to leave. Alasia interviews that she was running late, but refused to skip a shower. This is a woman after my own heart. I am pretty much always late, and it is often related to my obsessive need to bathe. I don't understand how people can get through the day without taking a shower in the morning. The girls get in the limo, as Alasia runs behind. Jessica interviews that Alasia is off in la-la land, per usual. She also appears to have some sort of hat-wig on her head. I am intrigued.

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