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A House Divided

When we return, Brenda recounts the verbal battle in the limo, which made their ride seem endless. Back in the limo, Alasia says something that starts with "these bitches," the rest of which is too hard to decipher. But it ends with a very emphatic, "Bitch!" And then. Brenda simply says, "Uneducated." This is, for many reasons, the wrong thing to say. "Stank," for example, would have been the right thing to say. It's an irrefutable fact. "Uneducated" is making a lot of assumptions, most of which say more about the speaker of the phrase. Angelea, to put it mildly, is not amused. She confronts Brenda, who says that she doesn't have time to waste discussing this. Angelea says something about going to a top 150 college - according to the Redbook rankings? Did I mishear that? - and ends by saying, "Bitch, look it up." Now it's Alasia who's keeping quiet and cracking up. Oh, good for her. Brenda tells Angelea that her name is, in fact, Brenda and not "Bitch." Eh, six of one. Angelea interviews that it's unfair for people to assume that she's uneducated just because of how she talks. She says that she doesn't have to be all, "Oh my gosh, yes hello, yes, I went to Erie Community College in Buffalo, New York." She's smart, she says, but people don't believe that about her because of the way she is. And, you know, I think she likes the way she is, and if she's happy being stank and smart, who am I to judge? Angelea tells Brenda that she's uneducated AND ignorant AND rude. And, I might add, incredibly tedious. As the bitches tell each other to shut the hell up, we finally leave the limo.

But that doesn't mean we leave the drama! Raina predicts to Brenda and Jessica that either Alasia or Angelea is going to throw a punch at someone given their widely-publicized anger issues and inability to control their mouths. Brenda says that this is great, since they'd get kicked off the show, and adds that she'd be happy to take one for the team. I'd be happy about that, too! As they're talking shit, Angelea comes into their room, plops herself down on Jessica's bed, and asks what they're talking about. That's pretty awesome. Brenda interviews that Angelea always walks into their room like she owns the place. This is territorialism as its best. Anyone with cats knows this pattern well, and won't be surprised when Angelea starts eating all of everyone else's food. She already has the claw/scratch maneuver down. Jessica says that all the drama is making her crazy. Angelea replies that when you're living with girls -- especially females -- you're going to have drama. The female girl is a rare, bitchy breed, after all. Angelea adds, "Especially when people don't understand you, and especially when they don't try to understand you." Jessica points out that this seems to be directed at Brenda. Stupid Brenda then drones that if Angelea is going to be in there fighting, she can leave. It's Brenda's territory, and Brenda doesn't invade Angelea's territory, so Angelea can leave. Angelea wonders why Brenda is starting with her, and adds that Brenda doesn't own anything in the whole motherchucking house, so can't tell her where to go. Brenda tells us that Angelea is picking fights with her, but she's not going to let her feather-like pile of red hair get ruffled about it. It's crunch time, and she needs to buckle down.

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