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Just in time, there's Tyra Mail. It simply says, "DING DONG!!" In tandem, the elevator bell rings. The girls run out, and for a second things are very exciting because it appears that Gwen Stefani is there. But it's actually just some lackey, there on behalf of "Miss Tinsley Mortimer." She delivers an invitation that invites the girls to a party celebrating her handbag line. Soon enough, we are at said event. And really, CW, none of us are going to watch High Society. Just show us more of the bitchery and move along. The girls meet Jay Manuel, who notes that they're all dolled up as is appropriate for a fake-ass party. He says that the movers and shakers of the fashion industry are there for the Tinsley Mortimer handbag launch party. He hopes that their style teach will help them to impress the guest of honor. For the challenge, each girl will have one-on-one time with Tinsley, and she'll judge them based on their style and personality. Oh, dear. Jay adds that public perception is very important to becoming a top model. So why not start your career by getting into frozen vegetable brawls?

The girls enter the party. Alasia tells us that she doesn't know how to talk to industry people and simply says, "Help me." This lack of self-confidence is particularly endearing. Brenda tells us that she's not worried about impressing Tinsley, since she goes to this type of "uppity" party at home all the time. She animatedly fake talks with party guests, and so does Krista. Alasia, meanwhile, is really nervous and just stands there talking to the Jays about her nerves. Jay Manuel tells her to go out there, be confident, and work the room. Alasia interviews that she's been in Marietta, Georgia her entire life, and it's hard for her to be around new people. She approaches three ladies and says, "I'm nervous as crap right now." That's a first impression, for you. She looks totally gorgeous, even if she's hoping that someone will come and save her.

The Gwen Stefani doppelganger, who looks like a really shiny waxwork up close, grabs Jessica to have her one-on-one with Tinsley. Tinsley asks Jessica why she chose her outfit tonight. Jessica explains about the style teach and says that she chose a high-waisted skirt to complement her long torso. Tinsley asks which bag of hers Jessica liked most. Is that a trick question? Anslee is next in with Tinsley, and says that she likes Coco Chanel, and the essence of classic that she captures in her pictures. However, Tinsley totally busts Anslee on not knowing that Karl Lagerfeld is the current designer for Chanel. Brenda talks about Michael Kors being her favorite designer, and Tinsley looks bored out of her gourd. Tinsley gets very animated, however, when she talks about loving Raina's girly style.

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