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A House Divided

And then there's Alasia. Tinsley asks about her favorite designers. Alasia goes on about liking "Louis V" and adds, "He's so cuuuuute." She plays with her hair and says, "But, um, I love his, um, I love his colors. He's like, the bags with colors, you know. I can't afford it but I like to look at it. Hee hee." I think it's kind of endearing, because I like it when people are charming fools. Alasia talks about meeting with "Miss Tinsley," and calls herself backwards. While many people talk about overthinking things, Alasia tells us that she's the kind of person who actually doesn't think about things enough. Alasia shakes Tinsley's hand and then asks, "Do I get up and leave now?" Exactly.

The girls meet with Jay and Tinsley. Jay asks if the girls have been drinking wine tonight. Angelea says, "I had some champagne and some sex on the beach. Yes I did." Jay just lets it go, while Tinsley looks nervous. Tinsley tells Jessica that her persona is great, and adds that she was the only one who mentioned the body type/style connection. Jay says that Jessica is absorbing like a sponge. Brenda looks amazing, according to Tinsley, and her personality is great. Fooled! Alasia's outfit is cute, but she was very fidgeting and nervous and needs to think about what she's going to say before she says it. Jessica won best photo last week, so she's automatically going to be a part of the challenge win. Jay adds that the challenge winner will get to pick a friend, and they'll do a photo shoot for the May issue of Seventeen. And then Jessica wins! She gets to pick two people to join her, since she cancels herself out. Jessica of course chooses Brenda and Raina.

The three lucky ladies head to Seventeen and are forced to talk to Ann Shoket for a few moments. Shudder. She explains that today's shoot is about your own personal sense of style, and will be featured in the May issue. Jessica doesn't want to leave the Seventeen shoot and head back to their crazy-ass house. Unfortunately for her, and fortunately for us, she must.

Back at the house, Raina climbs into the confessional to talk trash about Alasia. Meanwhile, Alasia stands outside and eavesdrops! They don't soundproof that shit? Raina goes on about how Alasia has been picking on Jessica nonstop, and she's not sure why. She hypothesizes that it could be because Jessica is also a nice girl. Which, I'm not so sure about that. Raina continues that Alasia is hypocritical, young, and immature. Alasia interviews that Raina swears up and down on the holy bible that she doesn't talk shit about anybody, but clearly that's not entirely true since Raina is in the confessional booth telling lies about her. "Come on, that is fake!" Alasia tells us. In a point for fakeness theory, Raina comes out of the confessional booth, sees Alasia standing right there, and goes, "Ooh! How's it going lady?"

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