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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part I

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Next, the girls go to Old Bond Street for a photo shoot in a top London store. Jonathan Phang runs this challenge, which is held at DKNY. Jenilee is having a hard time getting her pose and expression right, and freaks out. She says that she doesn't think she impressed anybody. She says, in the voice of a sad, crying street urchin slash orphan from a Dickens novel, "I thought this is [sniff] my last [sniff] chances to prove to the judges that I could [sniff] I could [sniff] be a mo-del." Awwww. Lucy also complains about Marisa's attitude. I guess Marisa claimed that the photo shoot was boring and that she thought they'd be doing something more exciting and extravagant. Marisa interviews that she's excited, but has done this sort of thing before, and worries that it's going to be used against her. Marisa is pretty annoying. Tensions at the house come to a head that evening, as Lucy and Stephanie confront Marisa about being kind of a jerk and putting down everything they're doing. Marisa says that it would be one thing if she were doing really well in the competition, but she's not. Stephanie confessionalizes that they're all there trying to get a modeling agency to take them on, but Marisa's already been and done that. At the next elimination, Jenilee is criticized for crying on the shoot. She stays pretty well composed and says that, after criticism at the last Panel, she was focusing more on her posture than her face, and didn't change her facial expressions enough. But then it was Marisa who couldn't hold it together. Photographer Ram Shergill tells Marisa that she comes off quite moody. She starts crying, and he tells her not to get upset. She says that the experience has been quite "mental" for her, and that she's been breaking down. So she's sent home. Yay! She tells us that it was time for her to go because she didn't want to be there. She's looking forward to going home, reading a newspaper, and working on her mind again, because she's feeling a bit dried-up mentally. "I want to go home and read a newspaper"? Seriously? Good riddance, then. It is then time for the girls to be thrown into the tough world of haute couture. In Paris! Where real fashion takes place! And the best part is, the girls take the train to Paris. There is no "Pack your bags, y'all" speech, at least that we see. The girls have a go-see with a French designer, and Tashi is up front right away. She tells us, "I went into the back room to get changed. I basically had to strip naked, lift my arms up, no bra, my bops are there. He's kind of smaller than I were [sic], and he's literally right in between my breasts. And I just have this image of me slapping him with me boobs, just going through my head." I mean, that just kind of makes it a whole different show, right?

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