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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part I

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Edwina, meanwhile, takes the designers' criticism as a compliment. She says they told her that her walk was kind of '80s and Naomi Campbell-ish. But she didn't mind, because if it's good enough for Naomi Campbell, it's good enough for her. How awesome would it be if Naomi Campbell hosted this show? The girls then meet Hilary in Camden Market, where she sends them for a style test. They each have twenty minutes to run out and find something fabulous. We see them scrounging through racks and hurriedly buying things. I don't know if Camden Market is like a flea market or what. When they return, Hilary tells Tashi that she kind of looks like a Barbie, which isn't her style. Tashi laughs. Lucy's high heels with her patchwork skirt are a total style crime. Naomi and Stephanie win the challenge, and are rewarded with a dinner out with some surprise guests -- THEIR BOYFRIENDS. HA! Oooh, I'm so sure Naomi won this competition fair and square, and not out of any need for manufactured drama. As it turns out, Steph has to face up to some relationship problems. Her boyfriend says that every couple goes through bad patches, and she replies, "This is, like, rock bottom." Oooh, that sounds bad. And Naomi, of course, has some explaining to do. Her boyfriend, Matt, tells her to be straight up and honest. She says that she is being honest. We see her dancing with and hugging Paul Danan. D'oh! When they leave, Stephanie and her boyfriend share a chaste kiss as Naomi and Matt snog a bit, ending with him telling her to be good. The girls next have a surprise visit to Models 1, the agency that will represent the winner, where they do their best to impress director Karen Diamond. Lucy tells Karen that she's ready for anything, and would live anywhere and do anything because she's so passionate about modeling. Karen tells Edwina that the afro she's currently rocking is very in for editorial shoots. However, all of the comments about her figure finally take a toll on Tashi. Karen tells her that she has big boobs, which is an issue for high fashion. If she wants to do "glamour modeling" -- which I'm guessing is Maxim-type stuff -- they'd be a huge asset. However, Tashi wants to do high fashion. Afterward, Tashi complains that she already knows she could be the next fucking Jordan, because there aren't many black girls in glamour at all. Oooh, the next Jordan. Who wouldn't want to do that?

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