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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part I

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Girl Power!
Karen tells the girls that for her to make her decision about who is going to be Britain's Next Top Model, she needs them to compete on the next stage, which is the international market. So she's sending Milan! Woo! The girls are all very excited. However, there is a catch. There are six girls, and only five seats available on the plane. So the next photo shoot is really going to count. Oooh, I like this way of doing things! The girls have to pose in some glamorous outfits, and know what's at stake. Everyone ups her game. Tashi tells the hair stylist that she needs to go to Milan with her DDs, and stay in the competition. The girls pose. As Tashi gets primped on set, she says that she has four people fussing about her, which is what being a supermodel is all about. Hilary looks at the photographs and says that each one is better than the last, and that the judges are going to have such a hard time. And have a hard time they do. Stephanie's photo isn't great, but Lisa says that she's so grateful for everything that she's gotten through this program, and would really like to be Britain's Next Top Model. But Marie says that it's just not possible, because she doesn't have the potential to become a top model. Tashi's picture isn't working, according to Jonathan. So it's those two in the bottom, and it's Steph's dreams that are crushed when she's told that she doesn't get to go to Milan. Oooh, boo! I really liked her. As soon as she's out of the room, the other girls hoot and holler with their own excitement. Steph tells us she always said that even if she was eliminated in the first week, it wouldn't change her, and wouldn't change her dreams. With this, seven girls fade from the group photo and we are left with the final five. Commercials. When we return, we are in Milan, where the girls are faced with a tough agency casting. Jenilee meets top model agent Paola Barratto. Paola says that Jenilee's book-a is-a the book-a of a starting model. Next, there is Naomi, with straight hair that makes her look a lot better. Paola asks how tall she is, and Naomi says 5'7". Paola says that's not too tall, and when Naomi says that she's a tall 5'7", Paola adds that, in their business, a tall 5'7" doesn't exist. I wish Pigford had gotten that memo. Edwina walks, and Paola just shakes her head and says, "Doesn't work." I love Paola! Lucy interviews that they can't PLAY at being models anymore; they have to BE models. Her walk doesn't impress Paola either. When it's Tashi's turn, Paola says, "You are...a big girl. A big girl." Tashi interviews that Paola is looking at the boobs and the shoulders, and that it's fair play and she can say what she wants to say. Oh, I think she will. More Paola!

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