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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part I

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Lisa Mail! There is a surprise elimination, at which Naomi's short ass is sent home. Wow, that was fast. I guess once the snogging-Paul-Danan (THE Paul Danan!) subplot played itself out, there wasn't much use wasting time on her. Next, the girls step up their game in a photo shoot for top Italian fashion designer Stefano Guerriero. Lucy wears a gorgeous diaphanous gown as she poses, and says that she wishes this were her real life and real job and that she was there getting paid and whatnot. Tashi interviews that seeing Lucy put the pressure on, because she looked so good. Tashi wants to look better. Tashi poses on a couch, and the camera guy seems to give her some praise. Again, the dress is gorgeous. Edwina says that she had the toughest shoot, because trams were passing and almost knocking her over, and she had a madman in the background. Indeed, there is a schlubby shirtless guy with a pixilated face making all sorts of gestures at her. It's kind of awesome. Tashi interviews that she was happy the guy was giving her a hard time, because it gave Edwina the message that she's not a superstar and not a diva; she's just pulling out all the drunkards. Jenilee actually looks pretty good, and says she thinks she took the photographer's direction well. At first, she wasn't relaxed, but eventually she got more into character. We see the photographs of the final four girls. They all look pretty good. At elimination, emotions run high for Edwina. She weeps and says that she didn't think she could get that far. Well, that makes at least two of us. However, it is Tashi who has the weakest photo, and she's eliminated but quick. This leaves, of course, Jenilee, Lucy, and Edwina in the final three. Commercials. When we return, we are still in lovely Milan. The final three enjoy dinner with Lisa Butcher, who toasts them. Edwina says that she wants to win, because she wants to make her mom really proud. Her mom hasn't been proud of her as of yet, I guess, until she's been in this competition. That's kind of fucked up, actually. All parents of young kids should seriously watch a lot of reality shows and pick up clues on how to be decent and not have your child end up on Season 22 of Beauty And The Geek. Edwina says that it's the best feeling, having her mother proud of her. Being in the final three means a lot to her, and she will never forget the experience. Jenilee tells Lisa that the girls have all gotten used to each other and have been through a lot of highs and lows together. Including the time Jenilee snogged Paul Danan's ass off during the acting challenge. Oh, good times. Jenilee says that every now and again she pinches herself, because she can't believe in the final three. She can't believe she's beaten thousands of girls, and can't express how happy she is. Unless she's rolling around on the floor eating an ice cream bar. I wish we had gotten to see that full challenge, man. Lisa says that the girls have achieved so much. Lucy can't believe they're down to the final three. She thinks that secretly everybody wants to win and is out for herself, because at the end of the day, everybody wants to be a winner. And really, it isn't at all about how you play the game.

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