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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part I

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Girl Power!
The girls travel to a huge mansion, where they meet with their photographer from the other day, whose name is Luca. He has two surprises. One, the girls are not going to be alone in their shoot today. Ooh la la! Boys! Edwina is "a bit of a flirt," so she got all excited. Lucy tells us that she thought the male models were Italian, but that it was a nice surprise to discover that they were English. The second surprise is that...they are going to be butt naked! Or, rather, arse naked! Yeah! Good times. Lucy says that she was mortified, because it's quite embarrassing to be naked with a stranger. It is? Oh, I guess when other people are around. Well, I mean, still. Sounds okay to me. The girls get their hair and makeup done. And then, it's time to get all nudie patootie on a chaise longue in the middle of the courtyard with some dudes. Edwina is psyched. She says that she's been with the girls for so long, and that it was really refreshing to have some male company. I think she means naked male company, specifically. Male model Chris, who sounds American, says that Edwina did a great job and made him feel very comfortable. At first she seemed nervous, he says, but once they started talking, the "comfortability" settled in. The ladies don't like Chris for his brain, and that's okay. We all have our strengths. Next there is Jenilee, who comes bounding out to the set in her underwear while holding her naked ta tas. She says that this shoot was very important, and that she had to make sure she had the best shot. The best shot apparently entails getting up really close and personal naked chest to naked chest with her male model. She says that she had to forget about the fact that she had a boyfriend and was in the nude, and just concentrate on being the best. She adds that she's only ever posed with a frog before, so it was nice to pose with a male model and share "that experience." Lucy says that Jenilee didn't look nervous, but also didn't look quite as comfortable as Edwina did. Lucy conjectures that this is because Jenilee was a bit nervous about her body. Martin, Jenilee's male model -- who also sounds American or Canadian -- says that, as far as his own personal taste goes, Jenilee was the most attractive girl. Well, she's the only one whose knockers you got to see up close and personal, so that probably gave her some bonus points. Photographer Luca says that Jenilee was a bit impatient, and that he could see in her eyes that she really wanted to do it. At the end, she was good.

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