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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part I

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Lucy says that she spoke with Duncan, the model she had to pose with, before the shoot, and that he was very nice and down to earth. She also thought he was the best-looking of the three, so she was glad that she got him all to herself. We see Lucy strip down in slow-motion. Ha! That is porny slash awesome. She says that it was a bit weird, and that she didn't know where to put her arms or stand, but eventually she got used to it. She looks a little like Brigitte Bardot. Duncan, who is actually British, says that Lucy was fantastic, and that shooting with her was great fun. He imagines that there are a ton of guys out there who would want to be in his position. And not only guys. Just think of how jealous the frog who had her first is. Lucy says she noticed that, while she was posing, Edwina and Jenilee were off talking to the guys. She's all, "Thanks for the support, bitches." But in a nice way. She thinks that Jenilee felt bad about it, but I'm not so sure. Jenilee says that she didn't want to put Lucy off, but thought that she looked beautiful as always. And then, it's time for another elimination, for naming the final two. Jenilee says that she's proud of herself for getting to the final three, but will be disappointed if it all ends here. Jenilee and disappointment are going to get to know each other very intimately. Lucy says that she doesn't really want to compete with Jenilee in the final two because they're friends. Edwina says she'll be praying that she's in the final two because it means a lot to her and it's her time to shine. I wish Edwina had kept some of her bitch edge. This is getting a little dull. And then, there is Panel. Lisa tells the girls that she's sure they've all missed Marie, but now she's back with a vengeance. Marie was gone? No doubt getting her skull tightened or telling all the folks at the institution how she could have had Ted Danson or something. Jonathan is also there. The individual evaluations begin. These, by the way, do not appear to be done in front of the whole group. Interesting. Lisa asks Edwina what she thought of getting all naked with a dude. Edwina's like, "Old hat." The photo of Edwina gets praise from the judges, who then ask her what she thinks. Edwina says that she likes it, which gets a "That's it?" from Lisa. Marie tells her that it's the best picture she's taken so far. The angle of her face is flattering, her bone structure is amazing, her nose looks fabulous, and Lisa gives her a ten out of ten. "Your nose looks fabulous" is high praise, I guess.

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