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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part I

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Girl Power!
Lucy says that having a male model in the shoot helped her out, because she could feel the intensity in the midst of their very beautiful surroundings. It made her feel she was in the moment. Lucy's shot is amazing. Both Lisa and Marie say that it's one of her best pictures. Marie adds that it's good to see she can do a look that is very strong and very sexy. Jenilee is loving being in the final three, and feels very proud and like she has accomplished so much. Marie thinks her photo is fantastic. Jenilee says that the photo looks very strong and meaningful, like she's thinking about something. That's probably not a common look for Jenilee. Lisa asks what Jenilee was thinking about, and Jenilee says her boyfriend. She adds that she was "getting into character." Hmmm. Being very "professional," too, I'm sure. Jonathan says that she has had very good expression in her last two photos. This, of course, leads to a very difficult elimination. Lisa thinks that all of the photos are very strong, and that the girls have all come so far as models. Edwina's photo is amazing and strong. Marie is surprised, because she had her down as a catwalk model and not a photographic model. But now she thinks she might be able to do both. Jenilee's photo is beautiful, but Lisa doesn't see her doing very well on the catwalk. Jonathan says that her shot is like a typical beauty shot that you'd see on a counter in a department store. Is that a compliment? Marie likes the intelligence in her face. Lucy looks really pretty. Marie says that, with Lucy, it's almost like she isn't thinking. Jonathan says that she has an opportunity to give even more. Her photo is great, but it could be sensational. It's a tough decision! The girls stand in front of Lisa, who asks them all to step forward. Lucy, it should be noted, is about a head taller than the other two. Lisa says that Jenilee has come so far. She's listened, she's learned, and she has embraced every challenge. Edwina has had her ups and downs, but she kept her focus and delivered some great shots. That doesn't sound like that much praise. Lucy has drawn on the judges' criticism about expression, and her last shot blew them away. It did? They didn't make it sound like that at all! Even internationally, the judges are so cagey. Edwina gets called first. She's obviously very happy. And then Lucy gets called. Oh, poor Jenilee! Back to Mouseville, or Mouseshire, for her. She cries and packs and says that she does feel disappointed that she hasn't gone through to the final two, but that she knows she'll make it. She's going to carry on modeling because it's what she wants to do and what she believes in. Hey, for some people it's world peace and for some people it's saving the tigers and for some people it's having their naked, powdered arses seen by the world. Jenilee feels like she's found herself. She knows who she is, and that's who she wants to be for the rest of her life. Well, that's a lucky coincidence, I guess. Bye, Jenilee!

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