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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part I

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Edwina says that everybody was very sad when Jenilee got eliminated, but that it really hit home when she left the room and Lucy broke down. Edwina felt very sad for both Lucy and Jenilee, because they were friends. That's no way to be a bitch! Lucy interviews that it's her and Edwina in the final two, and in some ways, she's glad. She and Jenilee were friends, and each wanted the other to win. Now that it's Edwina, it can just be war. Woo! That's what I like to hear. The girls get Lisa Mail at a restaurant. They get a day to explore Milan. Oh, that's nice! They do a little shopping and sightsee and generally unwind. They give a coin to a man playing the accordion. No, seriously. Lucy says that they're both getting along, and focusing on what they need to do to win the competition. At some point during the day, Edwina says, they got a chance to have their portraits done by "this amazing artist." It's one of those guys on the street who has, like, sketches of Audrey Hepburn and Elvis. They pose for the guy, and the finished product is pretty much as you'd expect, and looks nothing like either of them. It's like when you get your portrait sketched by that machine at the movie theater. Lucy says that Edwina looked terrible, and like a seven-year-old boy, and if that's what people think she looks like, then Lucy's going to assume the prize is safely in her hands. I love Lucy! Okay, I've been dying to say that all recap. The girls then commune with Italy's famous pigeons. Or, at least, Lucy does. Edwina says that she absolutely hates pigeon, whereas Lucy is all, "Tuppence a bag!" and feeding the birds out of her hand. Lucy thinks Edwina has been a little on-edge since the pigeon escapade, and hopes that it might throw her off her game a bit. She should hire a homing pigeon to deliver an anonymous death threat to Edwina in the middle of the night. That would really shake things up, wouldn't it? And suddenly, we are where the fashion is! Lucy and Edwina meet Lisa, who asks them what they've been up to. Edwina recalls, in horror, their experience with the pigeons. Lisa says that there's one place they haven't been to, and that she's going to take them there. The dungeon! No, actually, it's the Armani store. Yes, that's right. Armani. The girls look through the clothes as Lisa tells them that the thing about Armani is that the fabrics are beautiful. There is an outfit for each of the girls. They change, and Lisa tells them that they look fantastic before asking them to do a little catwalk for her. They do. I have to confess that, Armani or not, the clothes are kind of ugly. Nevertheless, Lisa tells the girls to imagine that the winner of the show would be wearing things like this. It really makes you want to move to England and fill out your application, doesn't it? In any case, the girls don't have to imagine such wonders anymore, because tomorrow they're going to be modeling Armani's Spring/Summer collection for their final test. That's right. No fucking ghost brides. Armani. That's kind of bad-ass. Lisa tells the girls to step it up, because the competition is on. Woot!

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