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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part I

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Girl Power!
Back at their apartment, the girls discuss how hard they've worked to get to this point. Edwina says that they're obviously good enough for the show, and that's why they're still there, so they should rock it. Lucy interviews that this last challenge is so important to her. The catwalk is Edwina's strength, so Lucy needs to find her confidence and her walk. I have to say that, seeing her practice in a long hallway, she looks a bit like a hunchback with a broken arm. But, I guess that could be considered fierce. Edwina says that she's going to pull out all the stops to make sure her walk's on key. There's no time and no room for errors, and she deserves to be the #1 person there. OR DOES SHE? She bids Lucy good night and good luck as she goes to bed. The next day, the girls get made up. They look pretty, and not at all like ghost brides. Lucy says that, since being in the competition, she feels like she belongs somewhere and that she's where she wants to be, so she doesn't want it to stop now. Edwina says that dreams do come true: she's dreamt about this moment, and now she's here. It's the best feeling ever because she feels proud of her achievements, and is proud that she's overcome the hard times in the house and is still there. There are outfits. There are models. There are seats lined up on either side of the runway. All of the folks the girls have met during the entire competition will be there. See, that actually makes sense. It's no big fake-ass runway show with homeless onlookers (or staff) who have been paid five dollars apiece to stand around and pretend to care. Edwina says that she can't wait for the catwalk, and that she's going to be top dog. Is that a desirable thing on the catwalk? Hmmm. Lucy's going to be focusing on making the clothes look amazing, and not thinking about what Edwina's doing, because that will put her off. The guests file in. Lisa Butcher looks pretty awesome. Edwina and Lucy are all atwitter backstage. A dude walks out and welcomes the crowd to the showing of the Armani Spring/Summer 2005 collection. And then the show begins! There is inoffensive techno music playing in the background. Edwina heads out and looks pretty good. Backstage, she says that she didn't pose at the end. Then it's Lucy's turn. She still looks like a hunchback with a broken arm, but a sexy hunchback with a broken arm. Lucy and Edwina get dressed in their next outfits, and Edwina heads out. There are other models, then Lucy. A naked Edwina says that she keeps forgetting to pose at the end. That's, like, the one thing you have to do. How hard can it be, dumb-ass? More walking, etc. etc. Actually, this is a little bit boring. Maybe I miss the ghost brides after all. The show ends, and there is much clapping

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