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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part I

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Girl Power!
Anne talks to Lisa Butcher on the phone. Lisa is shocked. She tells Anne that she's been doing really well, and that her last photo was the best of anybody's. Anne says that the moment when they told her that her photo was the best was the moment that she realized she really didn't give a crap about modeling. Eh, fair enough. Lisa asks if Anne understands what she's giving up. I think Lisa is pissed. Anne leaves. She says she's happy that she's a strong enough person to do it, and though she might regret it, there's something good that comes out of every situation. Anne is just a big old drama queen, if you ask me. And then, there is a Piccadilly Circus sign! Lisa tells us that Naomi and Tashi are getting up close and personal with some hot male actors. Including Paul Danan! THE Paul Danan! From Celebrity Love Island! And someone named Scott Wright, who was on a show called Coronation Street. Heh. Tashi says that her eyes almost burst -- not only at Scott, but also at Naomi, who was very flirtatious. And subtly so, as she points out a mole in her cleavage. This causes one of the guys to use the word "knockers." Awesome. Tashi has no ties and no inhibitions, and does a little smoochie-smoochie with Scott. However, things are about to get sticky for Naomi and her long-term boyfriend. So to speak, I'm sure. Cut to Tashi in the confessional with Hayley, saying that Naomi has blatantly denied snogging Paul. But Tashi was in the car with her, and she "snogged his ass off." HA! Oh, I love this special. And you know who else was in the car? A camera guy. For reals. Tashi then makes sucking-face noises, which are awesome. Naomi interviews that she let her hair down, and that there was a bit of flirting going on, and everyone was just having a laugh. She tries to convince her boyfriend that Paul kept trying to kiss her all night, but that she was having none of it. Cut to footage of her sitting on Paul's lap. Awesome. And I mean, he is THE Paul Danan. From Celebrity Love Island! What girl could blame her? Naomi says that her boyfriend did sound upset, but that he believes her. Well, then he believes lies. The next night, there are more rumors to come. Some of the girls talk about who they like and dislike, and Naomi's name comes up staunchly in the dislike category. Apparently, earlier in the day, Naomi told some of the other girls that Tashi wet her bed, and then told them to smell it. Okay, that's just foul. And also, come up with something more believable and damning, like that she has herpes or something. It all comes back to the tales of snogging, which I guess Naomi is still mad about. Tashi gets really pissed in the non-bed-wetting sense, and confronts Naomi angrily. Naomi makes some snide remark about Tashi stomping down in her size 8s. That's no way to get viewer sympathy on your side, Naomi. Naomi denies that she told anyone to "sniff it." She doesn't deny the rest, however. Tashi tells Naomi that she just has a guilty conscience because she snogged Paul Danan. THE Paul Danan! Naomi says that she wouldn't make up something like that. And then there's more about snogging. Naomi says that Tashi feels her opinion is the right opinion, even though she doesn't really know what happened. Naomi also says that she has her own personal opinion that she saw drips coming from Tashi's mattress that morning. However, she didn't initially mention it when the camera crews were around, to save Tashi some embarrassment. Oh, come on. Edwina compares Tashi to a Rottweiler, and the other girls to puppies. And then it seems like Tashi and Edwina might get into it! But there are no fisticuffs. Tashi confessionalizes that she doesn't want to come off as a bully. But a little bit, she really does.

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