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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part I

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The next day, the girls are turned into some broke-down princesses who each have to pose with a frog. And you know what Tashi apparently has a phobia of? Frogs. Who knew, right? She gets all freaked out and starts crying. She interviews that she thought that, at any moment, it was going to jump into "me gob" or smack her right between her breasts. And then give her all of its bumps and...lergies? Is that what she's saying? Eventually, though, she struggled through it. Hilary hilariously says, "Tashi genuinely...seemed to have a problem...with frogs. But despite that, she did manage to hold it together." Heh. This show is the best. The other girls don't really seem to be having too much trouble with the frog. At judging, Naomi and Hayley are in the bottom two. Hayley's photo is terrible. Marie says that she's better when she's naked. Or maybe she's thinking about a certain mustachioed '80s heartthrob and his fine performance in Three Men And A Baby. Naomi's photo is a beautiful portrait, but not a fashion shot. Emotions were high as Naomi got through and Hayley had to go. The bitches always survive. It's natural selection. Commercials. When we return, Lisa says that it's important for models to learn how to present themselves in public. For instance, no peeing in diapers. So journalist Lucy Cave is called in to test the girls' interview skills. Contestant Lucy reads the...Lisa Mail?...which says, "Your challenge today is to inspire and excite Lucy with your personality, convincing her to write a headline-grabbing feature about you." Wow, Lisa Mail is so much more straightforward and descriptive than Tyra Mail. I like it. Marisa does not score any points with her political ambitions, Lisa tells us. We see Marisa telling Journalist Lucy that she wants to the prime minister, and that she's progressing nicely along that track. I mean, seriously. This would be like Jayla telling us that she wants to be President. Meanwhile, Jenilee tells Journalist Lucy all about Naomi and Tasha's night on the town with Paul Danan and Mr. Coronation Street, including the fact that Naomi has a boyfriend. When it's Naomi's turn to be interviewed, Journalist Lucy tells her there are rumors that she snogged Paul Danan and has a boyfriend. We get a flashback of the snogging in the limo. Naomi says that she isn't going to say any more on that matter. Let this be a lesson to all of us to keep it in our pants when the cameras are around. Lucy says that Jenilee needs to be more careful about dishing the dirt on her housemates, but at the same time, that's just the kind of thing she's looking for as a journalist. However, it is Tashi who has the biggest story of the day. She used to be a size 20! After she had her baby! Wow! Lucy says that it made the best headline: "I was a size 20 single mum and I used to starve myself." With accompanying before and after pictures, of course. Tashi won the prize, which was to have dinner with three formal models. She must have invited Marisa and Stephanie along, and Lisa tells us that Marisa's former experience as a model caused some tension. We see Marisa telling everyone at dinner that she modeled when she was eighteen, and stayed in a model flat. It almost killed her, and she went home after five days. Tashi says that Marisa thinks she knows everything about the industry, even when talking to models who have been working for fifteen years. Marisa confessionalizes that a few people advised her, before she came to the show, not to mention her past experience, because the other girls might think that she had an unfair advantage. I don't know. I mean, they can see her face, after all.

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