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Wuthering Heights

Annaliese is next, and clarifies for us that she's not scared of actual heights -- she's scared of FALLING from a height. So, standing almost 800 feet above the ground with wind and rain whipping at you is something that makes her a bit uneasy. She handles the whole thing like a pro, though, and Jay likes how she brought a little Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to her poses. I am really amazed that she didn't get blown off the tower -- it's so gusty! Laura is next, and is jumping up and down with excitement. You might think that this is just because she's a thrill seeker, but again it really has to do with the fact that she's a sex fiend. Eboni tells us that Laura is obviously attracted to Nigel, and sometimes her over-the-top actions are annoying. To wit, Laura is trying to hump the rim of the Macau Tower as part of her photo shoot. To her credit, she is REALLY close to the edge of that thing. Jay says that Laura is working his nervous because of her fabulousity. And you know, she's actually smart for sitting down, because I'd think that would make you feel a little more secure, if wet.

Eboni is next, and also lowers her center of gravity for the shoot. She tells us again that she's proud of how far she's come, and we see Nigel tell her not to forget to smize. Eboni wants to prove that she can still make it and be successful, even though she and her family struggled. Her shoot seems to go relatively quickly. Laura tells us that Eboni isn't as strong as the others, and adds that she'd rather have a Brit win than Eboni win. Oh, what, they don't like each other? How did I miss that? Finally, there's Alisha. Poor, scared Alisha. Her tears get blown around in the rain as she slowly makes her way out on the rim. Annaliese tells us that she thought Alisha was a bit tougher than she's being now, and adds that although Alisha is one of the weaker models, she's gunning for it. Alisha takes a deep breath, puts a hand up in the air, and starts modeling. We hear Nigel tell her that what she's doing is beautiful and gorgeous, though I'm not sure if that's because she's actually doing well or just to make her feel more comfortable. Jay wants Alisha to put her chin down, because in every shot they're looking up her nose. Alisha is a bit confused, because she's been giving every photo shoot her all, but winding up with mediocre pictures. Nigel tells us that Alisha knew this was a make-it-or-break-it shoot, and looked quite determined. However, she's not letting herself be as beautiful as she can be. With this sad news, it's a wrap.

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