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Back at the house, everyone is wiped out from the day's trauma. Eboni is a bit concerned, since even if she has a great photo today the judges might take into account her weaker performance in the past. Sophie is drained and traumatized, and figures that she'll be in the bottom two. She hopes at the least that the judges recognize her commitment. Alisha is exhausted, and has been exhausted for the last several photo shoots. This prompts Laura to complain that she's sick of hearing the other girls complain. This competition, she says, is about going through struggles and coming out on the other side, like the Inferno but more hellish. Meanwhile, Alisha confessionalizes in her robe that the photo shoot was horrible. It was so bad, in fact, that it's making her question if she wants to do modeling at all. I do wish she would make the distinction between actual modeling and... whatever this is. As she tells the others that she'd rather just get sent home than have to endure another bottom two, we cut to commercials.

When we return, it's panel time. There are prizes, there are judges. Nicholas Tse is the guest judge, which bodes well for Laura's chances. Although, Tyra apparently wants to bone him too, so maybe they'll have a kung-fu-off for his affections. Annaliese is up first for critique, and she lies that the photo shoot was actually fun. In the final picture, the girls' have had their harnesses airbrushed out, and Nigel commends Annaliese on using her harness to help get some hot archer poses. Cutrone is also a fan of the photo, saying that Annaliese looks like a warrior. And for Cutrone to have nothing negative to say about an Annaliese photo means that it's very good. Nicholas Tse thinks that the photo shows dominance without desperation, and Tyra thinks that it's good but a little tense in the nose. Overall, though, her critique is very positive.

Alisha is next. Her pose is a bit odd, and Nigel says that they went with it because it's the most editorial. He thinks that Alisha did a good job, but could have been better. Tyra thinks that Annaliese looks like a Southern black lady heading to church in the '50s. At the same time, she finds it interesting, though she does wish the neck extension had been there. Cutrone thinks that Alisha looks like a supermodel in person, but it's still not coming through in her photos and that's a concern. Then there's Sophie, who admits to being petrified the whole time. Nigel agrees that Sophie was freaking out, but adds that she would have moments of calm when she'd pose and he could shoot, and as a result she got a decent photo. Nicholas is a big fan, though Cutrone isn't loving it and thinks she looks like a weathervane. Tyra gives some useless advice about modeling when you're scared that makes absolutely no sense. Shocker, I know.

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