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Eboni is next, and Nigel notes that she wasn't scared of the scenario and so had an opportunity to really rock her shot. Sadly, there were a lot of shots where her body was great but her face wasn't. Cutrone doesn't care for the photo either, and tells her that the proportion of her headpiece to her arm throws off the proportion of her dress. Nicholas likes it, because he likes everything with hot ladies. Tyra wishes that the shot had more tension, and adds that Eboni doesn't understand her angles. She has to learn that, because she winds up not looking like a model in the face. Finally we have Laura, in one of her seated poses. Cutrone loves the shot, and says that it's amazing and expansive. Nicholas likes Laura's face, but actually thinks that her legs look stumpy. Maybe he's saying this just to throw the judges off of the fact that he wants to bone her? Tyra says that the picture is beautiful, and adds that Laura DOES know her angles. Cue concerned look from Eboni.

The judges deliberate. Annaliese is a television hostess, but Cutrone still doesn't think she's a model. Nicholas could see her acting in a motion picture. Nigel compares Annaliese to Season Two's Mercedes, who went on to be quite a commercial success. He thinks that if you have the desire to win, you can produce fantastic pictures. Nigel paints Alisha as the girl who SHOULD be able to model, but can't. He doesn't think that she knows what she's doing, from H2T. Nicholas agrees that she has a lot of room to improve, and Cutrone says that there's nothing sadder than a six-foot size two girl who isn't photogenic. Tyra wonders what you do when you have one not-model who can model, and a model who can't model. That might not sound like it makes any sense, but you know what I mean. Cutrone is still not a fan of Sophie's shot, but Nicholas says that she's the most energetic and adorable of the five. Nigel says that Sophie was remarkable, but Cutrone argues that no one knows or cares what personal triumph she experienced to get a middling picture. Not content with the hating she's done so far, Cutrone has saved her harshest words for Eboni. She thinks that Eboni looks like a scarecrow and is lucky that a bird didn't land on her arm. Cutrone is lucky that a bird isn't constantly shitting on her face, as karma would dictate. Nigel thinks that Eboni is a stunning girl, but has zero personality. Where everyone else was either excited or terrified, Eboni was nothing. And then there's Laura. Cutrone melts like butter at her photo, and names one zillion designers who could use her picture. Nigel is a fan of Laura's, but says that probably the only reason she did better than everyone else is because she wasn't terrified. And with that, the judges have reached a decision.

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