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And then there's Shannon. ALT doesn't understand her point of view about lingerie being just for the bedroom. Nigel says unequivocally that it makes no sense, and it's not a moral issue but an issue of brainlessness. He adds that she's had no best pictures in this competition, even though he remembers her having a special spark in her first season. Tyra stands up for Shannon, saying that even though her position is confusing to other people, it's not confusing to Shannon herself. That still doesn't mean that it objectively makes sense, though. But Tyra says that there are so many desperate girls in the fashion industry who will do anything, so the fact that Shannon stays firm about something is noteworthy. And with that, the judges have reached a decision.

Six beautiful ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has five photos in her hands. There is a possibility that one of those photos is blank, representing Shannon. Best photo of the week goes to Dominique, while Allison is named runner-up. Angelea is called next, followed by Lisa. This leaves Shannon and Laura in the bottom two. Laura's brand is "lovable," which Tyra explains means sweet. But her photos are consistently not in alignment with "lovable." They are something-else-able. And then there's Shannon, a girl who is pure to her brand. Tyra finds that noble, but the judges find it confusing. Also tiresome. So who stays? Laura, duh. Everyone has had enough of Shannon's shenanigans. Tyra tells Shannon that she's not just going home because she didn't do the photo shoot. The judges looked at all of her photos, and realized that she's the only one in the bunch who has never had best photo or won a challenge. Tyra tells Shannon that she's a great model, but became merely "good" once she got to all-stars. Shannon tells us that she has no regrets. She thinks that she's handled herself with class and dignity, and stayed true to who she is. Shannon is going home to her family and husband, who will be proud with how she handled herself. Jesus also approves, I bet! When we're all sweating in hell, I'm sure Shannon will have the last laugh.

Next week: The girls get shots and, in a separate context, Angelea goes off!

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