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Lisa is up next, and Nigel says that her photo is beautiful and strong, and that her body looks great. Nikos liked shooting Lisa, but says that sometimes it felt like there was a computer in her brain that was programming her posing. Tyra tells her that sometimes models just go from pose to pose, with no sense of flow and feeling it. That might be fine for swimwear, but not underwear that looks like swimwear, when modeled in a salad. Shannon is next, and even before she says a word Nigel can't hide his disdain. Tyra asks Shannon to talk about her experience on the photo shoot, and she explains that several years ago she decided that she would not pose in lingerie. Thus, she couldn't do the shoot. Nigel is confused, because Shannon's focus is on semantics rather than skin. It's about the word, rather than how much of her body is actually showing. Tyra agrees that she's mostly heard girls saying they're not comfortable showing a particular amount of skin, so the lingerie versus swimsuit distinction (or lack thereof) does get confusing. Nikos cuts to it, and says that he doesn't want to book a girl with so many limitations. Tyra adds that it's good to stand for what you believe in (even when nonsensical, I guess), and says that since Shannon doesn't have a photo her whole portfolio and performances throughout the competition will be considered.

Dominique is next, and everyone loves her curly hair. Nigel likes her shot, and the strength in her face. He also commends her for managing the sun by not closing her eyes entirely while also not looking directly at the light. This is the most incredible he's ever seen Dominique. ALT loves it too, and Tyra notes how the sun is glistening off of her oil-covered cheekbone. Her film overall apparently rocked. Then there's Laura, who Tyra says looks like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants chasing a boy in Greece. No, I don't know what that means either. Laura's photo is not very glamorous, according to Nigel, and he says he's surprised at how sweet she is in person, and how porny her face looks in her photos. ALT does not enjoy how Laura is holding the olive oil carafe above her head, as if she's pouring oil in her hairdo. He spits out the word "hairdo" like you don't even know.

The judges deliberate. ALT loves Allison's photo, which is sultry and dreamy. She managed to pull it off despite her vampire eyes. Nigel agrees, and says that Allison is wilted and collapsed and beautiful. Nikos also likes it, and thinks that Allison can do a lot in the business. ALT doesn't dislike Angelea's photo, but it wouldn't entice him to eat the salad or buy the lingerie. Nigel, however, thinks it's a sexy, Sports Illustrated moment. Nigel also thinks that Lisa's picture is a swimsuit pose, and Nikos adds that she wasn't spontaneous at all. ALT agrees that Lisa is predictable. Tyra likes it, though. Laura's shot is not working for ALT, and Nigel talks about Laura's virgin/whore thing. Dominique has all the right things happening in her picture, says Nigel. ALT has my favorite quote of the episode when he says, "This could be Helen of Troy... in a Greek salad." He says that it could be a poster for Greece, and Nikos just laughs.

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