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Next we have Joslyn. She sucks, and does that Sarah Palin wink again. Nigel tells her there's a time to wink and a time not to wink. In case you were wondering, this commercial falls into the latter category. Tyra gives Joslyn credit for not letting her sickness show in her commercial, but says that her laugh was awfully fake. Paulina had more of a problem with her wild gesticulating. Then there's Elina. She's dull and soulless. Nigel notes that Elina looks down when she's walking down stairs, which is a bad thing. Frank says that Elina's whole performance was a closed fist, which is of course consistent with what the judges have been saying all along. Then we have Sheena. Miss J. thought that Sheena was about to bust into the snake. Paulina says that Sheena's manner really works for TV, and Sheena seems happy. Finally there's McKey. Paulina says that the beginning of the commercial was disastrous, except for the fact that she looked gorgeous. Tyra agrees that it was not good.

Oh, and then it's Top Models in Action! Jaslene won Cycle 8 and now lives in New York City and is signed with Elite. She's had some runway shows and some campaigns and still probably talks with the deaf voice.

The judges deliberate. Nigel quite liked Samantha's video, as did Frank. Paulina says that she's likeable, and a top model should be likeable. Marjorie is chicken-like, according to J. Tyra says that Marjorie used her awkward chicken-ish ways to her advantage for about two seconds in the commercial. Analeigh was perfect and blew everyone away. Joslyn has fallen, and can't get up. The whole panel wonders what's up with the wink, too. Miss J. thinks that she harkens back to the days when there were print girls and runway girls. Print girls were gorgeous and personality-free, while runway girls had personality but maybe not flawless looks. Joslyn falls into the latter category. Elina was tight per usual. Nigel says that she's beautiful, but it doesn't translate into a commercial in part because of her lack of natural charm. Sheena has looks that can kill, which Paulina thinks is good. She's expressive and is aware of her body. Miss J. calls this the "Sheena Inky Slink." McKey's face is the best for makeup, says Nigel, but she was a disaster in motion. Paulina points out that they have a difficult decision ahead, because some girls are fantastic commercial models, and some are wonderful photo models, but there's no one who's great at both. Except for Tyra.

The girls return. There are seven girls standing before Tyra, and six screen grabs in Tyra's hands. The first name that Tyra is going to call is...Analeigh, of course! Next is Sheena, who is thrilled. Tyra next calls Samantha, Marjorie, and McKey. Will someone explain to me what the heck is up with McKey's wardrobe? It's worse than Tyra's. Anyway, this of course leaves Elina and Joslyn in the bottom two. Joslyn looks worried, while Elina is stone faced. Joslyn took fantastic photos in the competition but then faltered, while Elina took strong pictures but isn't translating well into moving pictures. One thing about both girls, says Tyra, is that they have such a strength. Elina's strength is in desperate need of control, while Joslyn has survivor-type strength. And Joslyn is going to be able to survive her ouster, says Tyra, as she hands Elina a photo with encouragement to let go. Maybe once she's back in her homeland she'll be able to do so. Tyra is proud of Joslyn for pushing through while she was sick, but she says that the judges won't give her pity points. And then she says other stuff, but I don't know what it is because my DVR cut off! The CW needs to chill with those endless Stylista promos. Sorry, guys!

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