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Ann is American, but ALT thinks she almost looks international. Nigel says that he wishes he could get more out of her in person. Patrick says, "Amazing. The personality is something shy and wrong, but she looked great in the picture." Chelsey is improving according to Nigel, but ALT says she consistently gives "the luck of the draw of the society heiress who wants to be a model struggling." Tyra disagrees that she's a society girl, and thinks she has an edge. Chris did great, but Patrick thinks she maybe had too much energy and needs to control it a bit. Tyra thinks that Chris is telling a story, but it's more Teen Vogue than Italian Vogue. With that, the judges have reached a decision.

Nine beautiful ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has eight photos in her hands. Those photos represent the eight girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. Ann gets the best photo AGAIN! We see only the top of Kacey's head, since she's standing directly in front of Ann and one level below, but it's enough to see a giant eye roll. Well put. Tyra says, "Ann, you're making this so not interesting." I'll say. Jane gets the next photo and is pleased to have finally done well. Kendal is called next, followed by Esther, Chris, Chelsey, and Liz. This leaves Kayla and Kacey in the bottom two. Kacey is beautiful and has strong bone structure, but she was disconnected this week. Kayla was also disconnected, and didn't know how to hide her too-tight-shoe pain. Disconnected is the word of the day. Say it with me now: disconnected.

Kayla gets a photo. Tyra tells her that a lot of modeling is being in pain and being uncomfortable, but it's not going to kill you. And it will make you a shitload of money. Get over it. Kacey is bawling. Tyra tells her that she has beautiful goods (!!) but needs some more time if she wants to hang with the other girls. She should go home and practice and do some local Walmart flyers, Tyra says. Agreed. Kacey cries and cries and says that this sucks really bad. She feels defeated and drained and wonders how you go home after this. She says she'll never get over this. I have to say, after all the weeks of strength and fakery it's kind of great to see her in mascara-running pain. But still she should buck up and be happy about the free contacts.

Next week: The girls are challenged to dress each other and stand on the Grammy stage, and then apparently have to dress up as fashion designers. In a surprise twist, Liz gets to be a dude.

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