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We first cut to team two -- Kacey, Kayla and Esther. Kacey tells us that she prefers riding solo to being in a team. I'm with her on that one, and I'm not even universally reviled. So, I get where she's coming from with this. Kacey tells us that everyone sees her as an ugly person, so she's being strong and doing what she has to do and not letting them affect her. You do have to give Kacey credit for not showing the slightest inkling of crumpling under such clear animosity, though perhaps this is part of what makes her so disliked in the first place. Team one is Ann, Kendal and Jane. Ann nervously says that she thinks they're going to be out talking to people about the products. She reminds us that she's really quiet. She's been trying to come out of her shell since middle school, when she didn't talk at all. I wonder if her voice is so deep from lack of use. Ann knows that being able to put her personality out there when called upon to do so is going to be difficult for her. I bet it won't even be difficult in a fun to watch way, either. How depressing. Team three is Liz, Chris and Chelsey. Chelsey thinks they should write product descriptions on note cards. She tells us she's happy to be on a team with Liz and Chris -- they're easygoing, fun to work with, and are already friends. This statement can only foretell doom.

The girls head out, either at dusk or before sunup, and meet Nigel at a dark Walmart parking lot. There is a fancy tent set up, which is the locale where the girls get to show the public what it means to be a Cover Girl. Nigel stresses how important it is for models to be personable, charming, and authentic, and reminds them that they've already gotten info on the eye kit and lip duo packs. Today they'll be working in teams to interact and engage the public on the benefits of each product. A variety of Walmart shoppers have been recruited to judge their presentations. We then flash to Nigel and the scene is very bright, indicating that he's either heavily lit or this was filmed during daylight hours before the girls got there. This challenge is all about marketing of products, and marketing of themselves. The prize at stake is a shopping spree... in the Cover Girl aisle at Walmart. I guess they can't all be diamonds.

The girls set up at three stations inside the tent. By "stations" I mean tables, which are set up side to side. There are snacks for the crowd. Chelsey really, really wants to win this challenge because she really, really wants to be a Cover girl spokesperson. In the words of Michael Jackson to Paul McCartney in the legendary song "The Girl Is Mine," you keep dreamin'! Ann tells us that she's 6'2 and a half, and being shy around people is a defense mechanism. She thinks that if she stays under the radar, people won't notice her height, and thus won't make fun of her or ask her questions about it. This is clearly a bad strategy, since people will just wonder what's up with the weird mute tall girl in the corner.

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