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The crowd enters, and the shoppers get their first demo from Ann, Jane and Kendal. Kendal explains the kit's first step, which involves a Smoky Shadowblast Eye Shadow Stick, and the second step, which involves a darker, some may say smokier shade. She demonstrates on Ann, while Jane expounds upon the great variety of products that can be mixed and match to make you look like a Cover Girl no matter where you are. As Kendal goes on about some sort of liquid eyeliner, Ann remains silent and uncomfortable. Chelsey tells us that this competition is looking for the whole package, and a lot of the package involves personality and being able to present yourself. She doesn't think Ann can do this very well. And seriously, Ann could at least try to mutely smile.

Esther, Kayla and Kacey then get a crack at the crowd. Esther explains that the smoky eye kit comes in natural, bold or glamorous, and can thus be paired with your personality. Kacey talks about mascara, and entreats the guys in the audience to think about how their girlfriends might enjoy a smoky eye kit gift. Cheaper and less committal than a ring! Kayla then notes that she's a sporty girl, which may or may not be code, and applying makeup is not her forte. The simple steps make it easy for her, and if she can do it, any other butch lady can do it. This team seems to have done a really great job being friendly, natural, and personable, and also split up the talking quite well.

Finally we have team three -- Chris, Chelsey and Liz. Chris tells us she was prepared to do whatever it took for her team to win. She tells the crowd that they can get smoky eye star quality without spending tons of cash. They are, after all, in a Walmart parking lot. Chelsey starts talking about the mascara, and before she can get her seventh word out Chris points to her eyelashes and screams, "Don't that look fake! Don't that look fake!" Chelsey interviews that she was really trying hard, and Chris was a bit overpowering, which was frustrating. We don't get to see any of Liz and whether she had spittle-flying opinions on this issue.

With presentations over, the girls head back out into the dark parking lot with Nigel. Nigel brings out Derek Blasberg, a fashion journalist and author of the book Classy, which gives advice to ladies about lady stuff. Derek was amongst the crowd evaluating the girls, and hopefully will tell them what he thought in addition to trying to shill his book. The rest of the crowd was also evaluating the girls, and the girls will get to see and hear everything they have to say via a TV monitor as Nigel goes to interview them. As Ann looks very sad, we head to commercials.

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