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When we return, the girls watch Nigel's crowd interviews to see exactly what the public thinks about them. Ann's curious, because even though people seemed nice she wonders what they say behind her back. One participant says that Ann's a beautiful girl, but she was quiet and uncomfortable. Derek adds that Ann was like a mannequin when Kendal gave her a smoky eye. One audience member commends Kayla for her mention of sportiness. He has a sister who's an, ahem, athlete, and he wants to suggest this product to her. And get Kayla's number and see if she and his sister might go out for coffee or to throw around the old softball. One woman says that Kacey was nice and approachable, but also selling product. Then there's Chris. One guy says that Chris was overpowering - she talked over everyone, and he didn't care for it. Derek tells Chris that you don't want to overshadow your friends. You can be bright when it's your time to shine, but also let others get some sun as well. It must have been cold there in Chris's shadow, to never have sunlight on your face. Liz was content to let Chris shine, that's her way. She always walked a step behind. And now I'm just going to jump to the part where you bellow, "Flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" Anyway, one crowd member felt bad for Chelsey, who kept trying to talk but was constantly interrupted by Chris. Flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Nigel returns to the girls and notes with some sarcasm that it's always refreshing to hear what the public thinks of you. That's why Tyra loves to read my recaps so much. The crowd was also asked to score each of the girls. Ann got the lowest score, which comes as no surprise but still seems to sadden her. Nigel tells Ann that there's a lot more to becoming a model than having the top photo four weeks in a row. You have to be personable. The winning team is team two -- Kayla, Kacey and Esther. Well-deserved, I think. And the girl with the highest score was Kacey. She thinks that she's been redeemed, and that this somehow proves that she's not the bitchy girl that everyone thinks she is. Liz points out that this challenge rewarded those who could be loud and fake. I would actually say that this challenge played to Kacey's fakeness strengths, which are particularly formulated for selling makeup to strangers.

Kayla, Kacey and Esther get their Cover Girl aisle shopping spree in Walmart, and get to take as many products as you can fit into an eco-friendly blue Walmart bag. Worst prize ever. The three winning girls each do themselves up in Cover Girl product, and Nigel likes Esther's look the best. She thus gets a $1,000 Walmart gift card. Shouldn't that have legitimately gone to Kacey for being voted the best in the challenge?

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