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Rodeo Girls

Esther and Kayla are next. Kayla's ensemble is truly horrific, though with the red hair she's a bit reminiscent of early Cyndi Lauper. Kayla was given a pair of shoes that were one size too small, and she's in some serious pain. This really impedes her ability to skip dramatically. In fact, she can barely walk. Esther, however, is really amazing in front of the camera according to Lori Goldstein. She's quiet and subtle, but makes it work. Patrick likes her smile and attitude, and says that she's very photogenic. Kayla tries to take direction from Patrick, but can't understand what he's saying given the thick French accent. Patrick whispers to Tyra that sometimes the girls seem to think he's speaking Chinese. She throws her head back and laughs in an exaggerated fashion, because she totally can't understand him either but gathers from context clues that he's making a joke.

Liz and Kendal are up next, and Kendal is in love with the whole thing - Rodeo Drive, her white fur, and all the people around snapping pictures. She feels like a celebrity, and Jay tells us that she looks like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. Shaw, who is their male escort, also looks good. Liz, however, is being outshone. She looks cute in her soft butch gear, so it's too bad when Jay says that you almost don't even notice her. Kendal seems to do a fine job with her individual shot, but Liz, who can't jump in her giant stripper shoes, ends up doing a really whack little saunter that Tyra and the others mock. At least Liz isn't complaining this time, which bodes well for her chances of staying in the competition.

Chris is next, and is in a very frilly, girly ensemble. Jay says that she was very good at creating an energy grounded in reality. Chris says that Patrick wanted the girls to, "Walk up and down the street, have a good time, laugh, giggle...I do that when I wake up." Chris is also helped by the fact that her hair is styled to cover three-fifths of her giant forehead. It really makes her look better. Chris gets mad compliments, and tells us that she's not a diva, but feels like one today. On that high note, it's a wrap! The girls eat and debrief afterwards. Kacey asks the others if they struggled. She says that this was a high-pressure shoot for her, given their high-profile photographer. Kendal tells us that Kacey practices in front of the mirror all the time, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Kendal also thinks that Kacey is "more a fit model" and isn't right for Italian Vogue. They go from turnip truck to critic so fast, don't they? Kayla, meanwhile, says that this shoot, which seemed like it should be simple with the running and the smiling, was actually the hardest yet. But she hasn't let the thought of going home get in her head. Her feet have to heal before she can really consider that one. Commercials.

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