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We return to pre-panel goodness featuring a maroon-caped ALT, Patrick Demarchelier, and Tyra speaking in French. Tyra is apparently best with French when she's in France. Celebrities! They're just like us. The girls enter. There are prizes, there are judges. Tyra reminds everyone just what a big deal Patrick Demarchelier is. Kendal and Liz's group shot is first. Nigel says that he doesn't notice the guy at all, and his eyes go straight to Kendal. She does look gorgeous. Tyra asks Patrick what it was like shooting with the two of them. She was there, so she should know. Patrick says that they were fantastic and very relaxed and did a good job. Kendal's walking shot is so good that ALT says it's almost like a gazelle on one foot, and something you could see a model doing. Patrick Demarchelier says, "Frenchfrenchfrenchfrenchfrench very good." Tyra is impressed that Kendal is selling product. Liz's individual photo isn't authentic, according to Nigel. Tyra says that she was sort of making fun of it rather than committing to an emotion. You can't really blame a girl for that.

Esther and Kayla are next. Esther is engaging in the group photo, but Kayla looks sad to ALT. He thinks that her face looks in pain. It was! Tyra tells Kayla that she knew the shoes were hurting and so tried to slow down the walk, but no matter how slow they went she still wore the pain on her face. When you have too-small shoes on, that shit hurts no matter the pace of your stride. Kayla tells the judges that the shoes were really small, and Tyra says, "I think you guys are so confused about modeling being about you. It's about what's there. And it's about feeling the pain, and complaining between the shots to yourself." That might be the most sensible thing she's said in fifteen seasons. Esther's individual shot is really good, and she's also managed to successfully sell multiple products. Nigel thinks that Kayla's walking shot is awkward, but it works for ALT, who thinks she looks like Kate Moss's best friend leaving the great Armani Emporium. Tyra points out that Kayla's arms are a little short, and so closing her fists to make her hands look like stumps really does not benefit her.

Jane and Kacey are next. Jane looks like an extraordinary French supermodel actress with a faraway mystery in her eyes, according to ALT. On the other hand, Kacey looks snotty and detached. Nigel thinks that Kacey's portion of the group shot could work as a single, but given that there are two other people in the shot with her that she's ostensibly ignoring, it's a fail. Jane's single shot is superb. ALT yells, "Fashion! High! Haute!" with great enthusiasm. Patrick thinks Jane was great, with good energy and movement. Kacey's individual shot has good body language, but her face isn't angled toward the camera. Tyra thinks that it would have been fine in a six-page spread, however she's disappointed that Kacey didn't use the head snap that she taught. Kacey also has dead eyes, per usual, and needs to bring her fake effervescent personality to her photos.

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