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Crouching Tyra, Hidden Drag Queen

We then shift to The Adventures of Laura and Nicole parking a car. Apparently, neither of them has parked a car before. I'm guessing they mean parallel park, since otherwise they'd just have to jump out of the driver's seat of a moving car whenever they got to a destination. In Laura's case I wouldn't be surprise, but Nicole seems more cosmopolitan than that. Laura has also never used a parking meter, and has no idea where to put her coins. Nicole helps her out with that, and Laura interviews that they don't even have parking meters where she's at in Kentucky. There's just a big patch of primordial ooze at the town center where you park for free. The two finally get their quarters in and head up to walk for Rozae Nichols. Rozae thinks that Laura is very cute and edgy, but we never hear her actually say that she'd book her. However, she does specifically say that she'd book Nicole, who she thinks is beautiful, for a collection.

Jennifer and Erin make it to see Trina Turk. She tells them that she's casting for a photo shoot as opposed to a runway show, so they have to get some pictures taken by photographer Jonathan Skow. Trina says that Jennifer is a cute girl, and was very free in front of the camera. We don't actually hear what Trina says about Erin, but Erin herself tells us that Trina and Jonathan were very complimentary, and she thinks she booked the campaign. Meanwhile, Sundai and Grandma Rae -- who's driving slow as molasses anyway -- get lost. Sundai confessionalizes that it's not fair that she got stuck with the geriatric driver, and adds that it's basically the worst day ever. With this, we head to commercials.

When we return, there is an hour and forty minutes left and Sundai and Rae have made it to Wongdoody. Rae does the only accent she knows -- Minnesotan -- and is sure she's offended everyone in the entire state. Sundai, meanwhile, is told to act really shy. Skyler says that Sundai is very limited in what she can give them, so they could only book her for a very specific job calling for what she can offer. We're never told exactly what it is that Sundai can offer, but I'm sure it has something to do with orphans. Nicole and Laura head to Trina Turk, where they run into Kara and Brittany and ask for directions to the store. Brittany gives them no help, which Kara seems to find a little mean and Laura and Nicole find needlessly bitchy. They finally find the store, and Jonathan totally tells Nicole to put some emotion in her eyes but not to smile. Yes, he totally wants her to smize. Sigh. Brittany and Kara make it to Rozae Nichols, and Rozae confirms the opinions of the other designers that Kara is a little scruffy. Rozae says that she could clean up her look a little bit -- i.e., take advantage of the miracle of indoor plumbing once in a while. Rozae isn't sure that she'd book Kara. And then Brittany commits a huge faux pas by putting her hooker shoes on Rozae's table. Rozae instantly takes them and puts them on the floor, and tells us that this was very rude. She adds, "It's not the kind of shoe I'd like to see near the collection." Fail. Who does that? In all fairness, though, Rozae seems kind of crazy.

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