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5 A.M. in Amsterdam

The girls all hop in cars, which are evidently not the fastest mode of transportation in Amsterdam. The cabs approach the house, which apparently is on a street called Herengracht. It is lovely on the outside, and Daphne stands on the front stoop awaiting the girls. The first to arrive are Sam and Elina. They will share the 50 extra frames. Analeigh and Marjorie arrive soon after. The girls explore the house, which is even more awesome than their L.A. pad despite the fact that there are photos of Whitney everywhere. Sam and Elina put on their Dutch girl wigs and hug. Sam tells us that it was weird working with Elina but the two bonded and she thought that perhaps Elina was trying to make a truce. Doubtful, but way to keep hope alive. The girls are also greeted by Analeigh's commercial. Is it me, or does she look like she might have a booger in that really tight first frame? Maybe her nose is just like that. Finally, Sheena and McKey run up to the house thinking they're first to arrive. In fact, they are a very distant third place. Sheena has to stop her wild victory dance abruptly.

Once everyone is settled, there is Tyra Post ( Dutch for Tyra Mail)! "People used to come to play, but fashion makes it hot today. Love, Tyra." Sheena wonders if they'll be in the park. And woah, speaking of hot, there are some strange doings in the tub as Marjorie, Analeigh and Elina share what Sam calls a "lesbian bath moment." Analeigh squeals in the tub that she feels free. I guess the love that dare not speak its name has finally spoken its name in Dutch. Sam seems to care less about the lesbian aspect of the tub action than she does about the fact that the three bath-mates are very loud. Even Sheena can't get behind it. She says that they had an 11-hour flight then had to rush around like maniacs. She wants some sleep and asks, "It's like, girl what's wrong with you? We're tired." McKey adds, "I feel so frustrated with the va-jay-jay shaving party." The alleged va-jay-jay shaving party. I mean, there's no evidence that an actual Venus was busted out at any point. But those three do appear to be awfully close in the slippery bubbly tub. Pretty soon someone's going to drop the soap and Analeigh will be deflowered. I've seen 70's prison movies. If Sheena or Sam goes home, says McKey, she's going to die. As Elina confesses, "I really do come off as a miserable bitch half the time," (understatement of the year!) we head to commercials. Take this opportunity to grab a friend, fill the tub, and relieve yourself of some pubes!

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