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5 A.M. in Amsterdam

Back at home, there is Tyra Post. "I know you have just arrived, but your voyage to become America's Next Top Model continues tomorrow. Love, Tyra." Whatever the shoot is, Sheena is excited and ready to kick ass and redeem her past performance. As the girls hang around the kitchen, Sam recounts how awkward she felt when she was posing in the window and saw some other ladies in other windows wearing nothing but their Hoitinks. Elina tells her that it's not a big deal, and says that she has a problem with people thinking it's a problem. Sam asks Elina to explain to her how prostitution is something that can be respected. I have to say that I'm with Elina on this one. A girl has to earn a living, you know? Elina's argument is, "Why does it have to be respected?" I don't quite get what she's saying, but the editing is also kind of choppy around this debate. Sheena and McKey are too bored by the whole thing to even walk downstairs. Elina then asks Sam why they've even gotten into this argument, and why Sam is targeting her. Sam looks a bit bewildered. She interviews that for a second as they were running around Amsterdam she made Elina get on her page, but now she's in a separate chapter that's about 100 pages away. Sam hopes that Elina is in the bottom two as we head to commercials.

Oh, and then Whitney has a fitting with Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet, who was spectacularly bitchy when she appeared on the show last season. I am, in fact, amazed that Whitney would fit into anything made by Alice + Olivia. In the end, they don't even do a whole body shot of her in whatever dress she chose for her apparent red carpet event, which leads me to suspect that we've been Hoitinked.

When we return, the girls head off to the sea. They pass a windmill on the way, of course. Jay meets the girls and tells them that the reason Amsterdam is so popular is because of its shipping industry, which dates back to the 1800's. We've heard about the weed and seen the prostitution, and now Jay is telling us that it's the SHIPPING INDUSTRY that makes Amsterdam such a popular destination? Unless you're shipping bags of weed and ladies of the evening, I think that's a fib. Today the girls will be wearing mid-century dress with a modern twist -- the modern twist being that it looks nothing like mid-century dress. In any case, the girls are on a ship! And Sam has hat-head! And there's hair and makeup! Andy Tan will be the photographer for the day. He asks for lots of energy and wants the girls to rock the boat. They are seriously in the middle of the sea, which is pretty cool.

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