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There is Tyra Mail! "If you can't move to the music, then that might pose a problem. Love, Tyra." The girls start auto-posing, assuring us that we are certainly in for a festival of horrors. They then are whisked away to Marquee, where Benny Ninja dramatically greets them. Benny Ninja is, of course, the master poser, so the girls realize that they're going to strike that and reverse it. Benny introduces them to his friend, former model and current DJ sensation Sky Nellor. She is truly lovely, and tells them that music and fashion have a very intimate relationship. Photographers choose music to inspire models and invoke emotion so they can get the right shot. And also to drown out the model prattle and whine.

Today, Benny says, the girls will learn how to use music to motivate their posing. He demonstrates first as Sky spins some tracks. I think we can all just be thankful that Samantha Ronson is not involved in this in any way. Benny calls up girls two at a time to pose to various types of music. London and Sandra take a crack at heavy metal, and London wins simply by virtue of busting out the devil horns. Sandra, Benny says, isn't really aware of her body yet and didn't seem to even be listening to the music. Sky breaks it down for us as such: "She's clueless." Allison and Natalie pose to rock music, and Allison's bangs are in her face the entire time. That's one strategy. Benny has to tell her that the assignment wasn't to dance, but to pose. Allison seems confused. Sky breaks it down again: "It's not brain surgery." Teyona and Fo do their best with country music, which is not very good. Benny tells them to think of horse dung if they have to. Funny, that's often the visual that I use to motivate me when I'm recapping.

Kortnie and Celia take a gander at hip hop posing, and while Celia works it, Kortnie doesn't even seem to be trying. Benny just points at Celia and says to Kortnie, "She beat you. She turned you out." Hip hop posing realness! Kortnie clowns, and Benny does not appreciate it. Celia confessionalizes that Kortnie tries to be funny all the time. It is wearing Celia out, and if there's one thing grandma doesn't need, it's extra wear. Aminat and Tahlia pose to jazz music. Aminat is wearing a red beret, so automatically wins. Benny tells Tahlia to be confident, then adds that if you are not confident as a model you need not be there, because you are killing yourself and defeating the purpose. Sky agrees that Tahlia was nervous and shy and let it show. As a final word, Benny tells all the girls to believe in themselves, because if they don't, no one else is going to believe what they're putting forth.

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