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Allison is the first to go and thinks that the audience can smell her fear. Indeed, they boo and Benny tells her that they think she's sour and just don't like her very much. Allison does not run off the stage crying, which is points for her. Teyona is next, and manages to get some cheers. Kortnie gets a rousing boo, and in fact does not seem to try very hard. This has become a Kortnie motif, no? Maybe she wasted all the trying too hard on the spelling of her name. Sandra is next and explains that, with her complicated shoes, she tried to do very simple poses. And, as you might suspect, simple poses get sour boos. Celia is out next and poses for her life! The crowd gives her mad cheers, and Celia loves it. She wins the heat with no real competition.

Second heat! Aminat poses and gets no love. London gives a decent effort, but gets the kind of sour boos usually reserved for true heathens. Tahlia is hopeless and serious boos reward her ineptitude. She interviews that between trying to manage the hair, the dress and the poses, she was unable to adapt to anything and thus sucked. Natalie, meanwhile, goes down the steps at the end of the runway and poses whilst sitting to the great delight of the audience. Celia is impressed at how she's bringing it, and is already preparing to take her down in the second heat. Last to go is Fo, who is adorable but unimpressive. The winner of the second heat is Natalie!

This means that we are treated to a final pose-off between Natalie and Celia. The second the music plays, Celia knows that she has to show a bitch up. She starts playing with a long tie on the end of her dress, causing Benny Ninja to enthusiastically yell, "Work the garments! Work the garments!" Natalie, meanwhile, stumbles on her heels. Benny tells her that if she falls she should land in a pose. Work that broken leg! The girls end in a final pose, and it's clear that Celia was superior. One audience member even gives her the gay finger wave, which is just about the greatest compliment you could ask for in this situation. After her win, Celia is on a high and ready to channel this energy into everything else that she does. Even those things that are ill-advised (SPOILER!).

Back at the house, Tahlia is not doing so well. The queens have broken her, like a stiletto heel caught in a manhole. Tahlia confessionalizes that she definitely struggled at the challenge, and hearing the boos was overwhelming. Allison asks if she wants to talk about it, and Tahlia quietly says, "I want to go home." She repeats it just in case Allison didn't hear it the first time (although Allison did, as evidenced by her little jolt of shock upon hearing the unspeakable). Tahlia confessionalizes that she didn't know the toll that this would have on her self-esteem, and is questioning whether she should throw in the towel, since this is doing her more harm than good. And even though it's annoying, I can see where she's coming from, and I think that, say, Kelle from Cycle 3 would have been better off leaving before Tyra managed to convince her that she had a snout. Allison tells Celia what Tahlia said, and Celia is also shocked. Meanwhile, Celia is still wearing her wig from the challenge. She confessionalizes that Tahlia is timid and not strong enough to be in the competition. She's afraid to put herself out there and, to be a top model, you have to. Instead, Tahlia, doubtlessly wearing sweatpants, turtles under her homemade afghan and we head to commercials.

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