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What Are You, an Immigrant?

Fo is next, and is enjoying working with Benny and the kids. She thinks she accomplished the modern/old mix, and since we don't hear any counterpoint from Jay, I'm guessing she's fine. London is up next, looking like Cyndi Lauper playing the Kate Winslet role in Titanic. Jay tells us that London walked on set and immediately got into character, which apparently worked out for her pretty well. Natalie is next, and Jay asks who her character is. She says she's Magdalen Ursich from Croatia. That's where her ancestors are from. Natalie is dressed in a black and gold monstrosity, because the women of turn-of-the-century Croatia apparently wore long, full modest dresses in homage to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Teyona is next in a kerchief and fuchsia dress. There's no real commentary on her performance, so again we're left to assume that it was fine.

And then there's Kortnie. She says that she's excited to reenact an immigration scene since most of her family were immigrants. She's hoping to make them proud. She fails. Jay doesn't like her sack-like body position or her pasty face. He says it took way too long and was way too boring. Even Benny Ninja has to stop giving it to Jay for a moment and yell at Kortnie to play with her angles. Then there's Tahlia. She has one of the more attractive outfits, and from out of nowhere totally brings it. Jay tells her, with surprise in his voice, that her shoot is going very well. He interviews that Tahlia has been growing in leaps and bounds since the first week. In the Ellis Island shoot she was able to tell a story with her eyes and at the same time there was a softness and femininity about her. Tahlia temporarily stops complaining about wanting to go home.

Celia is next. She interviews that photo shoots are not her strongest point. She's not nervous, but knows she has to bring her A game. Jay seems relatively impressed. However, he cringes when it's Aminat's turn on set. He tells her that she has a beautiful face, and he's waiting for her to use it. Aminat isn't afraid to do interesting things with her body, but she forgets about her face. And her neck. And you know how people on this show feel about no-neck monsters. Allison is next, and looks like The Bride of Chucky doing The Little Tramp. She apparently is an immigrant from space, or an American Apparel ad. Allison says she's in love with the camera and it was the most amazing photo shoot so far. She loved her hair, her immigrant dress, and working with the kids. Jay announces that it's a wrap.

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