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What Are You, an Immigrant?

Back at home, there is Tyra Mail. One bitch is going to immigrate back home. Sandra is nervous, since her shoot could have been better. However, she doesn't think that ultimately she'll get eliminated. Tahlia is the one to be eliminated, she says, because she has no confidence. Also, any time she's left to her own devices around the house, she looks totally busted. Have some pride! Use a comb! Today, however, Tahlia is confident that she got a good shoot and will do well at panel. What a difference an immigration photo shoot makes.

Oh, and speaking of Tahlia, it turns out that some of the girls aren't taking her whole "I want to leave" shtick all that well. Celia says that if Tahlia doesn't go home, the rest of the models should "fire back." Oh, Celia. So aged, and yet so unwise. Kortnie agrees that if Tahlia doesn't want to be there, poo on her. Natalie interviews that when Tahlia's doing poorly, she hates it and doesn't want to be there. But when she's doing well, she's all about it. That really is annoying. If anyone else goes home, Celia says, it will be mayhem, and Allison adds that if it's brought up at panel Tahlia will have to eat her words. As Celia works herself up saying that it's not fair for someone who doesn't want to be there to stay, we head to commercials.

We enter panel with more of the Tale of the Supermodel Who Wanted to Guide Future Girls. You know what she did. She broke out The Rules to Owning Your Inner Fierceness. This week the rule is, "As a top model, you'll have to travel to many foreign lands." That rule has no personality! It's as if Toccara taught us nothing. In any case, there are prizes, there are judges. The guest judge for the week is Benny Ninja.

Teyona is up first for evaluation. Nigel tells her that she looks sensational. There's history and acting in her photo, and she nailed it. Tyra sees a story in Teyona's face and eyes, and Paulina thinks that there's a romance about it that's captivating. That romance is not with Benny Ninja. But in any case, well done, Teyona! London is next. Miss J. tells her that she looks one and a half feet tall, and Paulina agrees that it's not a great shot. Nigel thinks that she looks fantastic but the photo doesn't make sense. All the extras are looking right at the camera, while London is looking off to the side. Tyra then takes this opportunity to prattle about something nonsensical. I don't even know anymore.

Sandra is next, and there is silence for about ten seconds. Not good. Nigel tells her that he'd like to see something other than a profile from her. He also thinks she has the same issue with disconnect as London. Benny says that Sandra couldn't grasp the idea of the photo shoot or the posing challenge. He thinks she's dumb as a box of stank, which is quite possibly true. Allison is next. Paulina crows that the children in the photo are adorable, and Nigel adds that Allison is adorable, too. He says that it's the first shot that looks like a fashion picture. To Tyra, however, Allison looks like one of the kids. Paulina agrees, saying that she looks like an older sister, and that mommy died on the trip over. Paulina has some issues to work out, right? Tyra ends by telling Allison that she looks very editorial in her photo.

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