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Brittani is next, and her photo is really spectacular. She looks totally sinister, in the best of ways. ALT says that she's a fabulous woman in control of her destiny with her pet jaguar. She is also a comtessa. Additionally, Brittani has achieved the feat of making everyone on panel -- including Nigel! -- want the faux fur coat she's wearing. That is very, very good. Alexandria is next, and one of her mutual hissing shots was chosen. Nigel tells her that if they took the animal away, it wouldn't look genius. She's not emoting, but the animal has so much character that it's come alive. Rachel loves what she's giving to it, but has problems with one of her hands. Tyra thinks it's fun, even though it's not modelesque or high fashion. However, she says that Alexandria should keep on doing this once in a while, because it's at least interesting.

Hannah is next, and ALT actually whoops. It's a really great picture. He says that the whole thing is so lush, and notes that the jaguar looks totally relaxed. Rachel loves it so much that she doesn't even care that you can't see the faux fur. Tyra likes that Hannah can do a soft commercial, and then also be a high fashion girl. Hannah has her so excited that she lapses into a Jamaican accent for a moment for no particular reason.

The judges deliberate. Jaclyn looked extraordinary and sexy, and Nigel thinks her photo is one of the best. Rachel agrees. If the cat hadn't been so great in Alexandria's photo, ALT says, it wouldn't be interesting at all. Rachel agrees that it's not her favorite. Tyra says that she's giving ugly-pretty face, but not in an editorial way. Nigel hasn't been wowed by Mikaela, but he enjoys her eyes in this photo. Tyra wants to shake Mikaela like a baby and tell her to start utilizing her potential. Rachel says that if this photo of Molly is her best, it's a problematic situation. Nigel wonders if the crossed eyes, big hands, or lack of visible product is the problematic part. The answer is clearly all of the above. ALT says that Monique looks like she's in the Vampire Diaries and is looking for her next victim. Rachel loves Monique's confidence. Dalya's photo is not fashion, according to Nigel, and she's not taking any risks. Tyra says that a girl with bone structure like Dalya needs to move around the set like a bunny and create angles and interesting shapes. You know how bunnies do. Hannah's shot is extraordinary, Nigel says. Rachel agrees that it's an iconic photograph. ALT thinks that Kasia is fantastic and that her photo works. Rachel says that when she saw Kasia in front of them, she thought she'd go a little bit...inexpensive. This is a synonym for cheap. However, in the photo Rachel sees her crossing over into editorial. Leave it to Rachel Zoe to insult the fiercely real girl. Brittani does not look inexpensive. In fact, she looks awesome. With that, the judges have reached consensus.

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