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Nine girls! Eight photos! Hannah gets the best photo of the week. Well-deserved. I still covet her hair. Runner-up for best photo is Brittani. She's followed by Jaclyn, Monique, Alexandria, Kasia, and Mikaela. This leaves Molly and Dalya in the bottom two. Molly has had hair trouble throughout the competition, but it's no excuse for a bad picture. She was disengaged and vacant this week. Then there's Dalya, with her gorgeous bone structure. She's stunning, and has more experience than some of the other girls. However, she seems totally desperate. That always ruins everything. So who stays? Molly does. And she will be released from the weave! Huzzah.

Dalya cries, and Tyra talks up her experience. She says that the strength has to come from inside, because the real world of modeling is even crazier than Top Model. Dalya tells us that she was thinking way too much and doubting herself as well. It's a terrible feeling to know that you won't be able to continue and show your potential, she says. She knows that she got in her own way. Though it's embarrassing to be booted this early, Dalya is still proud that she's made it to the top nine. She should also be happy that she made it out of the house without anyone going through her diary.

Next week: The models meet their fans! I'm sure something dastardly occurs.

Potes is totally mad at you for going through her diary. You can hash things out with her on Twitter (@traciepotes) or via email (

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