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When we return, Alexandria tells the others that she doesn't feel comfortable. Monique tells her that now is not the time to focus on their various frustrations and problems, because it's the time to do the commercial. Alexandria replies, "But I'm the talent." Molly wants to use her weave for good and choke Alexandria. Monique realizes that Alexandria is just being bitchy, but tries her best to ease the tension by suggesting a group hug or three-way kiss. Molly suggests an orgy. Alexandria reluctantly goes for the hug which, since she is sitting and the others are standing, results in her head being just exactly at boob-level. So really it's a precursor to an orgy. She rests her head on Monique's bosom as Monique tells us that if Alexandria is frazzled and "about to cry" when she's in front of Jay, she'll ruin their commercial. You've got to appreciate a girl who is willing to utilize the comforting power of her boobs to get the job done.

Mikaela, Brittani and Kasia are first to shoot. Director Brittani tells us that they have to get one flawless, continuous take. Mikaela looks gorgeous, but keeps messing up her lines and dropping f-bombs. Jay tells us that the copious use of the f-word is a bit much for his liking. Hannah notes that this group has a very defined script, which she doesn't think is what is actually called for. Her group is next, and she looks adorable as she attempts to direct Dalya, who wears a top hat as she attempts to get through her talking points. She effs up the name of the product a whole bunch of times, and then says a lot of dumb things. Kasia tells us that this particular group seems like a disorganized trainwreck. Jay agrees, and tells us that there's nothing about this video that's interesting. Ouch. Time runs out while Dalya is still talking, which can't be good.

Finally, it's time for Monique, Molly and Alexandria to film their spot. Monique tells Alexandria that she's "a California surfer awesome rad chick totally awesome." That's generous. Monique calls for action, and then Alexandria messes up and calls action again herself. Brittani is like, "Really?" Alexandria continues to mess up and appears freaked out, but director Monique remains calm and tells her that she's doing awesome. Jay tells us that Monique has the exact right energy that you need, especially when you're dealing with difficult talent. Monique wishes that Alexandria could keep it together, so they still have a chance at winning the challenge. Alexandria eventually nails her lines, and everyone celebrates. Alexandria notes that she killed it, because she's always up for piling kudos on herself.

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