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Alexandria continues to be excited while, some distance away, Monique calls her a stupid bitch. Mikaela comforts Monique by telling her that Alexandria will be gone soon, and then admits that's probably not true. Jaclyn welcomes Murato to her arms, and gets super sexy with her lioness hair. Dalya is a bit of a disaster again, and Jay tells us that everything she did was remedial modeling. She puts a hand in her hair, and then another hand in her hair, and then a hand on her hip. He is not impressed, and tells her that she went back to Modeling 101 in an attempt to please. Dalya cries and tells us that she wants this more than anybody here. As the makeup artist takes off her head tape she mumbles with a tremor in her voice, "I know how to model." Just not well, apparently.

Monique is next, and admits that it was cool to hold the baby jaguar and that she was comfortable with it. Luckily for her, she catches Murato at his sleepiest and he just kind of hangs out in her arms for a while. I bet he's soothed by the powers of her bosom, too. Baldomero was initially worried about Monique, who started off stiff, but he says she really turned it on as soon as he brought out the camera. Molly is next, and things aren't going so well. She explains that she was second to last, per usual, and the jaguar was really cranky. He does seem to be all set with the snapshots. Jay tells us that Molly was very jarring to look at, because she was going for a tender and caring moment with the jaguar rather than being a crazy lioness. It didn't work. Alexandria is next, and holds Murato like a baby. I hate to say it, but that's exactly what I would do. I hold my cat like that all the time and scratch her cheek until she starts to fall asleep, and then it's so cute that I can't help but crack up, which in turn jars her awake. It's a vicious cycle of extreme love. Jay tells Alexandria that Murato is neither her baby nor her lover. He may, however, be her only friend. Molly tells us that Alexandria is a brat, but she tries to pretend to be nice the second she gets in front of Jay. She gets a little hoochie, and then barks at Murato when he gets cranky. Molly thinks Alexandria is crazy, but Jay looks pretty amused. Alexandria and Murato hiss at each other, and we're out.

Back at the house, Dalya talks about her bad feedback. She wants to take Jay's criticism and turn it around for next week, and thinks that the fact that he took the time to talk to her means that he knows she can do better. Or maybe it's because it's his job to give everyone a critique or some sort. Jaclyn asks Alexandria if she got any feedback, and she coyly says that she doesn't want to talk about it. She suspects that they want to hear something bad about her. That is true, I'm sure. She reiterates that she has a good attitude, and hopes that this is brought up at panel. You mean she may have been acting decent for once purely in hope that word of her not being a total pill would make it up the chain? I am shocked. Molly, who may be something of a complainer, tells us that the people who were at the end of the shoot really got the worst of it with the cat. She's generally depressed because of her hair, but says she's sure that she got some good shots. Molly reminds us that everyone would be totally fine if Alexandria went home, and we head to commercials.

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