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Francesco leads the girls back to Paulina, who has to bring out Ann freaking Shoket again. Doesn't that bitch ever take a day off? Shoket is, of course, the editor-in-chief of Seventeen. She stands there listlessly as Paulina tells the girls that now they're going to get to shoot with a real model -- Paulina herself! Each girl will get five minutes with Paulina. It's a variation on the old classic "seven minutes in heaven," except that there are no closets in sight so the girls will have to drag Paulina under a bush. Shoket says that they'll be evaluating the girls on two things: 1) How well they work with their model and 2) How well their photos turn out. The winner will get 50 extra frames in the next photo shoot. That is a valuable prize for sure. Whitney sees this as a perfect opportunity to show the judges that she's not going to give up without a fight. She's going to make a woman out of Paulina if it kills her. Commercials.

When we return, Fatima has redoubled her efforts to win the challenge. She wants the 50 extra frames, because she really wants to rock the photo shoot. Paulina whips off her coat and the challenge begins! Fatima is up first. She shoots Paulina, and gives her some direction. Anya thinks that Fatima did a great job -- she was able to direct Paulina in a way that was professional and respectful. Paulina tells us that Fatima was very strong as a photographer. She was leading Paulina firmly by the hand, and Paulina wanted to take the trip with her. I guess she knows who's going to drive her home tonight.

Next we have Dominique. She first tells Paulina to put a leg up on a rock, and there is a bit of an exchange where Paulina asks which leg Dominique wants her to lift. You can tell Paulina thinks that Dominique is one crazy mofo. Dominique tells Paulina to relax and have fun and do what she wants to do. Paulina could use some more specific direction. Dominique then gets as specific as she can get with that addled brain of hers and tells Paulina that she should be walking, but not walking all the way, and, like, looking back. Got it? Anya interviews that Dominique was the worst of all. She didn't have a vision for her shoot, and wasn't sure of herself or in control of the situation. With one minute remaining, Dominique has Paulina run and turn around. Paulina looks so pretty. She tells us that Dominique was uncertain. She wanted to accomplish something brilliant and great, but didn't know how.

Next up is Whitney, who properly pronounces the word "foliage." One point for Whitters! She wants Paulina to be strong. Whitney tells us that Paulina is a judge as well as a supermodel, so it's incredibly intimidating to take photos of her. She gives Paulina lots of positive feedback, and says that she thinks she communicated well. She tried to be as verbal as possible without overdoing it. Dominique interviews that Whitney comes across as really professional and like she knows what she's doing. She's like the anti-Dominique in that way, isn't she? With one minute left, Whitney takes some close-ups. Paulina tells us that Whitney was a lot of fun to shoot with as a photographer. She didn't hesitate. As Whitney goes to shake her hand when the shoot is done, Paulina almost falls backwards down a set of stairs. I wonder if Whitney would have been automatically eliminated if she had put Paulina in a neck brace.

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