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Oh, and then it's Saliesha's My Life. She's at Fashion Week! Wearing a purple frock! Walking on the runway, she says, she felt like the luckiest girl in the world. You know, come to think of it, Dominique's My Life As a Cover Girl would be total genius, albeit seventeen minutes long.

When we return, there is more Tyra Mail: "They're out for blood, but they will give you a taste of fame. Love, Tyra." Oooh, maybe the girls will have to pose with leeches! But first, Dominique has to leech the energy out of the room as she drones on, this time about how you have to go into each photo shoot thinking that you're going to come out number one. Whitney notes that she's been in the bottom two the past two weeks, so if anyone is under pressure to do well, it's her. She says she's worked so hard to become part of the final four and she isn't finished yet. Dominique interviews that she doesn't know if Whitney's going to go home or not. But either way, this is a competition and she'd rather see Whitney go than see herself go. Dominique is the only one in the room, or probably on the whole entire set, who feels this way.

The girls head off to meet Jay Manuel, this week in a quilted fuchsia leather jacket. It clashes so fiercely with his orange face and white hair that I had to adjust the color on my TV set. Jay tells the girls that this week they're going to do a night shoot, and that they will be styled like move stars from the 1950's. They'll also be posing with a sexy male model, and have to make like they're being stalked by a paparazzo. Jay points out that in Italian "paparazzo" actually means "mosquito." They will not, however, be releasing thousands of mosquitoes in the air to add extra drama to the shoot. Boo. This week's photographer is someone who knows what it's like to be in the public eye, says Jay. It's Nigel! I love it, because Nigel can be a real bitch on these shoots. Jay reminds everyone that Fatima gets an extra 50 frames for winning the challenge, then sends the girls to hair and makeup.

In the makeup room, Dominique bores Sutan in the same way she bores everyone else. He is angry that his hands are full of eyeliner, so he can't even try to chew off his finger. Jay enters and tells the girls that the shoot should feel a little cinematic. They shouldn't just stand there and pose -- they are taking things to the next level. We get a look at the male models, and Fatima interviews that she's never had a boyfriend, and so doesn't know how to be sexy around guys. Girl, you need to do your research! If you watched Cycles 1 - 9, you'd know that Tyra Banks does not truck in virgin excuse-making.

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