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Anya is up first, looking oddly like Kate Winslet. She tells us that she's shot with Nigel before, so she feels comfortable. She's ready to take direction, give good energy, and inspire her photographer. Basically, the setup is as such: Anya and her sexy Italian man are coming down a set of stairs as a paparazzo lies in wait to photograph them. And Nigel, of course, photographs this whole scene -- paparazzo and all. After several frames, Nigel tells Anya that it seems like she's modeling, and that she needs to make it more effortless. Jay employs the strategy of distracting Anya, while telling Nigel to keep shooting. Literally, he goes, "Hey Anya, you know what?" And she just stares and they get some good pictures. When her shoot is done she asks Jay and Nigel if they have any critique for her. Jay says that the distraction got Anya out of her own head. If I were in Anya's head, I would have a look of abject terror on my face. Nigel doesn't think that Anya is a great model doing what she was doing, but she does have potential to get there. Jay tells us that Anya looked the part, but her training wheels are still on. What is Anya going to do when she's left alone, he asks? Probably play a game of tic-tac-toe with herself. It always ends in a draw.

Fatima is up next. She says she has a great advantage over the other girls with her 50 extra frames. Nigel shows her what he wants her to do and she smiles blankly. She does look gorgeous, though. Nigel starts shooting, and Fatima turns toward her male companion. Nigel reminds her that the shot won't be very memorable if they can't see her face. Jay mumbles that they really might need the 50 extra frames. He tries to bait Fatima into doing better, but it's blandsville. Fatima gets a great advantage in that she gets to see her film before taking her extra 50 frames. She acknowledges that her pictures are kind of bad. She really wants to get things right with her second chance. Sadly, she still can't seem to figure out how to do it. Nigel thinks she's about as exciting as an Abrams and Bettes marathon. Jay tries to get Fatima to act angry, which at least gets her to do something. When the shoot is through, Nigel tells Fatima that she's a really beautiful girl, but that the shoot was not inspiring. He interviews that she has no star power, and seemed lost rather than taking control of the situation.

Whitney is next, and is excited to be shooting with Nigel. Her main goal is to show Nigel that she can work and take direction. Whitney looks particularly gorgeous, but her poses are all very pose-y. Jay tells her to play with her poses more to make them real. He compliments her booty. After her shoot, Nigel tells Whitney that she looks great -- but this isn't about whether she looks pretty or not. It's about how well she works within the photo's concept. Whitney interviews that the shoot was really difficult. She tried a range of emotions and angles, but it just wasn't her best shoot. However, she thinks she looked really pretty.

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