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The judges deliberate. Anya's photo was the best out of the bunch, but she really lucked into the shot. Shoket loves her, and Tyra thinks that she looks like a kitty cat. This is really just an invitation for Tyra to meow gratuitously. Fatima's photo is beautiful, says Paulina, and she looks like a movie star. But the idea of the picture has escaped her. Miss J. says he's tired of girls complaining that they don't have romantic experience, which is an invitation for Tyra to say, "I've never been an aborigine! Or a circus ringmaster! Or even a geisha! And it never stopped me." I love that this implies that being a geisha is actually something that might have been possible for her, she just never got around to it. "I was all ready to go to Geisha College, but then Gilles Bensimon discovered me on an airplane and whisked me to Paris! Some day I hope to return to school and complete my degree." Nigel says that on set, Fatima came off as quite snooty. She basically ignored Jay's advice to her. Tyra says that Fatima does that at panel all the time. She's not a good listener. Miss J. is tired of her. Whitney's photo is beautiful, and her face is stunning, but she could have given a bit more. Shoket thinks that she should use some of her va-va-va-voom qualities to her advantage and own her sexiness. This is kind of exactly the opposite of what Tyra told her last week, isn't it? And then there's Dominique. She's not the softest girl. Miss J. resorts to his drag voice again. Nigel wonders if Dominique is right for a makeup campaign. Miss J. says, still in drag voice, that that's why it's called Cover Girl -- it covers up the man in you.

The girls return. Four beautiful ladies, three photos. You know the drill. Tyra calls Anya first, followed by Whitney. This of course leaves Dominique and Fatima. Fatima had 50 extra frames, and thus should have had an amazing shot. Also, she doesn't listen to what the judges have to say. Dominique's pictures in the beginning were pretty wretched, but then she got a whole lot better. But this week she sucked again. And clearly, it's Dominique who goes home. She looks sad, but doesn't have a breakdown or anything. Tyra tells Dominique to master her face. Dominique hugs the other girls, who are relieved that they will finally get some peace and quiet. She thanks the judges for this amazing opportunity, and exits. Her farewell interview is pretty measured. She's proud of herself, and has learned some amazing things. It's going to be a surprise what's next for Dominique, she says. She feels like she's on top of the world even though she didn't win. I'm glad to see that her superior level of delusion didn't fail her in this moment.

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