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Anyway, Camille very seriously says that she's disappointed in Bianca's behavior where the phone was concerned. She thought it was tacky and also felt very disrespected. And Camille doesn't take disrespect well. Except that she kind of does. Someone mailed her a box of bills and she didn't even rage about it. Bianca says that she and Camille will never be friends and that's okay, and Camille again tells her that disrespect is tacky. That must be where it ended, because no one gets slapped or anything fun like that.

Next, the girls got a surprise visit from Ashlee Simpson. I forgot that even happened! This was the kickoff to the Ty-overs. Alexandria wept from happiness, while both Lisa and Bre were not so excited about their new short locks. Bre even locked herself in the bathroom and got to "at rage." "At rage" was totally going to be my new catchphrase until I forgot about it! What I didn't forget about was the Pink's hot dog shoot. If you were eager to relive semi-hot girls with relish all over their necks, your moment has come! Both Bianca and Lisa rocked the shoot, while Sheena simply looked like she had to pee. And Kayla struggled with how to make a hot dog gay and free. But Sheena got the boot, despite the fact that she turned Lisa gay.

And then we turn our attention toward Alexandria. She was "misunderstood," e.g. despised, by the other girls in her cycle, but had every hope that this cycle would be different. We see an interview in which Alexandria says that she has thirteen best friends. She's so sad sometimes, you know? Also, it didn't take long before Alexandria had an altercation with best friend five of thirteen, Bianca, about the shower. Bianca then understood why everyone was so mean to her all the time. Spoiler: it's because she's kind of a jerk. Allison is kind, and so decided to talk to Alexandria about, like, her issues and stuff. Alexandria wants everyone to understand that she's both sensitive and tough, and that duality and paradox can exist within a person. Allison explains that she's both shy and social and that's okay, and Alexandria is a weird martyr about the whole thing because what she loves more than being sensitive or tough or misunderstood is simply getting attention for any reason. Allison has one of my favorite quotes of the season when she says, "I was just trying to be nice, but that doesn't work here." Still, Allison gives Alexandria her patented creature-claw hug in an effort to get her to shut up at least.

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