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And then in more never before seen footage, Bianca's rage turned to tears later in the day. She cries and says that it's all very hard, and she feels bad because you get into arguments with people over needless things. Even Shannon starts to feel bad for her. Bianca doesn't want the entire country to think that she's a bad person. We totally don't! Or I don't, anyway. I mean, it's obvious that Bianca is stank, but then she's just amazing in that stankness, you know? Also, she has feelings. Okay! I buy it! But to Bianca I say: you have nothing to prove, candid lady. There was then a Michael Jackson-themed photo shoot, with special guest LaToya! Laura improbably got the best photo of the day, while Lisa and Angelea landed in the bottom two. But benevolent force LaToya pardoned them like two very bloated presidential turkeys. There is still good in the world, despite evidence to the contrary (e.g., the fact that it's America's Next Top Model Cycle 17)!

After a break, we catch up with the youngest all-star in the house, Kayla, who was apparently considered a little "spacey" by the others. She's so spacey, in fact, that she doesn't know what a space cadet is. She does, however, understand the appropriate context for a "Uranus" joke. Kayla tells Shannon that she doesn't know that many big words, such as "persona." She also argues that people in China sometimes sit around pondering what "United States people" are called. Kayla at least knows that we are called Americans, though she does say that people who are from Jerusalem are simply called "Jews." I mean, the girl had no bed for 16 years. She was really sleepy in class, okay? The girls had a bitch-fight photo shoot with supermodel Coco Rocha. While Dominique and Lisa found their inner bitches and shone, Bre got so aggressive that she even freaked out Coco. She was way over the top in her photos, but the judges found her too guarded and mature to be allowed to stay on the show any longer. She got the boot, leaving poor Bianca all on her lonesome.

The girls were sad to see Bre go, but then Lisa cheered everybody up by showing off her antics and shenanigans. She poured dish soap or something in the hot tub so it was all bubbly, and also wore goofy things in the confessional, and at least once put a pot on her head in the bathtub. And she was a consummate beauty throughout. While Lisa focused on her antics, Bianca and Kayla focused on the competition. They talked strengths and weaknesses over straight irons. Bianca also got into Laura's weakness, which is her height. She does, however, acknowledge that Laura is also a good model. Bianca says that if she and Laura were combined, they'd be the perfect cute and edgy model. Also possibly schizophrenic.

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